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Decisions: You Will Draft Three Colors (Invasion)
By John "Ristik" du Bois
An early note: I will mention lots of names in my articles. I doubt anyone who I mention will notice or care, but I say all these things with all due respect. Yes, Vince, that does mean no respect for you.
To begin: Invasion draft certainly sucks in some respects. I participated in an Masques/Nemesis/Invasion draft over the weekend; a few of the guys at the store I play at won boxes at the prerelease, and one sold his to the store. Thanks Brad! (At least, I think it was Brad) When we opened Masques, Vince says, "Remember, guys. c." Many people laughed him off, as is so often the case with Vince; he's not the best player around, and he tends to be annoying. However, those that laughed him off... lost. Badly. I didn't do well because I can't draft Nemesis as a second pack, but I didn't do badly. I drafted Blue/White/Green in the hopes of getting many Sunscape Apprentices. I only got one (and actually passed another for a bomb), but I ended up with a lot of strong Green I wouldn't have because I detest the color, and also Crimson Acolyte and Samite Ministration. These will both come into play later, as I delve further into reasons for 3-color. Anyways, I'm talking about 3-color decks because of Invasion, and I'll get into three reasons. First is the Armadillo Cloak Reason, based on the amount of gold bombs. Second is the Ghitu Fire You To Let You Gain 11 Life Reason, based on the evils of color-hosing. Third is the Guildmage Reason, where I delve into the synergy of the set.
First, we will address Armadillo Cloak. This is the bombest of the huge number of gold bombs. If you want to play gold bombs, you either need to open them or go three-color. I actually saw someone go 5-color because of his diverse bombs and make top 4 in a 23-person event. A perfect example of a reason to go three-color because of bombs is the Dragons. Three-colors, yes. 6/6 flying with another ability for 6 mana, yes! Use them if you get them unless you have to splash 2 added colors. Just for reference, here is a good list of gold bombs: Plague Spores, Armadillo Cloak, Tsabo Tavoc, Dragon Legends, the 2/2 pro-color guys, Cinder Shade, Absorb, Undermine, Angelic Shield, split cards, Cauldron Dance, Spinal Embrace... the list goes on, but I'm bored listing them.
Now I will address the issue of color hosers. In one game against Doug (who was the guy who made t4 with a 5-color), I'm at five life, and he has about 12 mana out. He untaps, draws, and starts taunting me with a Ghitu Fire. My response: "So?" He then taps out to cast it for 11. Response: Samite Ministration; I will now gain 11 life. Thank you for casting a large fireball at me. Doug stops in the middle of a discussion about a homemade card based on someone's mother to stare at the card for a while. It didn't matter, he got out some random fat at killed me, but it proves a point. Color hosers in this set get nasty. Acolytes, Ministration, Wash Out, and other cards make playing many colors a good idea. You cannot win if your opponent hoses you, and some of these cards, like Samite Ministration, are good enough to maindeck. Therefore, play three colors for dodging hosers as well as using gold bombs, or you will die.
Lastly, I will address the raw synergy of this set. Kicker costs, the new common Apprentices, and the new rare Masters. If I need to explain why you should use three colors in order to use a 2/2 that can either beef ALL your creatures up +2/+2 or do a 2-point Drain Life on your opponent EVERY TURN, you are playing the wrong game. Any questions or flames about this ridiculously short subtopic should be e-mailed to me.
And there you have it. Play lots of colors, play lots of color hosers. Invasion is slow as molasses, and playing many colors will not hurt you any unless you draw the wrong land. I may or may not be found next week, depending on my writing mood, at the same Bat-time, same Bat-channel. Later.

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