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Return of Fire
By theBruce
Hello, all!

Kudos to anyone who remembers me, My name is David Bruce and once upon a time, I was asked to write for the CPA. c
I am sorry, truly.

It's only fair that I offer an explanation of recent events that has brought me back to the CPA.

I had written my Storyline Magic article with the intent of a seque into articles that would contain my fiction efforts alongside notable strategy and theory about my deck and card choices. Then, I faced the overwhelming feeling that I was wasting my time.

I begin to feel doubt, doubt that anyone cared about the story, the titanic battle between Urza Planeswalker and all of Dominaria against the Invasion of Phyrexia. I felt doubt that anyone cared if I wrote and therefore, my will to write dwindled.
[Editors Note: don't get discouraged. Of all the "treatese" articals besides the interviews, I recieved ONE comment -Orgg]
In the interim, I discovered a most incredible group of fellows here in Parkersburg, WV, and my spirits were revitalized. Here, in the Heart of Darkness, were a group of players who both knew about the greater world of Magic, appreciated and managed to unite both the desire to compete and the need for theme and reason. Just like I had.

So, we played, right?

Yes! Exactly so! And we attended a grand tournament this past weekend!

Off Topic: The tournament was Type 1, with a mere 40 card deck restriction. The possibilities were limitless! I ran the following:

4 Brass Man
4 Fire Whip
4 Lightning Bolt
4 Jackal Pup
3 Incinerate
3 Volcanic Hammer
3 Urza's Bauble
4 Mishra's Factory
11 Mountain

The deck was a blast to play and I received the highest praise for it, "Dude, you make the awesome-est decks!"

Now, had this been a competitive powerhouse, a NetDeck, if you will, I would obviously had included the Goblin engine.

However, THIS IS ME! I hate Goblins! They're dirty, smelly, disgusting creatures, and I did not include them. And I took my deck to a fourth-place finish and third in rankings, walking away with $10,

The $10 is actually a generous offer by my last opponent, Josh Mixer, who offered to split the money instead of both of us losing out. Go, Mix! And, thanks for the ride, Chris!

Return to Topic: So, I had found a great playtest group who did not consist of Mike Long or any of his offspring, who enjoyed playing and played well.

I had proven myself against the competitive crowd and walked away with money.

So, I'm a tourney-player, now, right?

Hahaha, not exactly. I'm simply a player that plays well...however, I refuse to play a NetDeck or anything close to it. I am rogue, without hesitation.

And, I have found a venue for my competitive aspects, right here in the 'Valley. Two local players, Dave Fitzgerald and Nick Benson, have started a League here that was expected to house 20 or so players. We ended up in excess of 40! That's how strong the scene is here.

Heck, if anyone's curious, check out:

Additionally, you can check my local strategy site at:

In conclusion, expect more content from me in the near future. With the permission of the editor, I will be re-posting (with revision) my "Song of Fire" series, for everyone's viewing pleasure.


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