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"Scrubs Corner": Type 2 in trouble....
By Shawn J. Houtsinger
Hello everyone,

I will state my thesis now: I think Type 2 is in trouble because of the horrible sets.

Ok? Now, let's get to my points.
I want to spend as little time on this subject since it troubles me.

The Slowing of Sets:

I think WOTC has tried, recently in the past year, to slow the enviroment. I can go either way with this arguement.
Yes it is a good idea since noone wants to lose to a 4-5 turn kill deck and then have the guy turn around and say it was " all skill" thus, advancing him to a Pro Tour off a cheesy deck. Nope. BUT.............
We need those speed decks to counter-act with slow and controlling decks that cause a game 1 to stall for 40 minutes into a qualifier. Also, the problem of the buyers disinterested in high casting cost cards.

There are two ends to this arguement. I rather not stay on one side. I will say this though:

There is no fun with new sets. WHY?
They made not just the cards slow but also very "sealed deck" or, "draft" like.
If you understand what I mean, then your a good player.
If not, it means: they make cards that are great if you want to sit down and played sealed or some OTHER format. But for a constructed view: it is very hard!

TWO: Look at MBC qualifiers. That is what type 2 is going to look like.
Most of the players I talked to disliked the format. All of them agreed it is not better than the previous.
Sure, the idea is to create new cards and new enviroment. More skill right?
Not really.
There are reprints of old cards made new but just suck WORSE.

I know I am being hard but why do I have to LIKE it if it is not good?
'I don't' is the answer.

Now then, lets talk on other issues.

I want to praise playing 5 colored magic.
Though I don't like calling it that name because it really isn't anything new that I didn't play with my friends a couple of years ago and till now but anyhow....
I think this should be the NEXT world championships.

I have found more skill and fun in this format.
Think about it.
No matter your hand, you can always come back since it is such a long game with little creatures trying to hit you.
Your opening hand doesn't really determine your out-come.
The value of ripped or $#*++ cards are worth gold to 5 colored players. Easy to get also.
It is fun;always.
You have the choice to play ANY card you want. (well almost)
Not worrying about what to play is good.
It doesn't matter
Your decks doesn't have to be rares. Trust me....

Those are my thoughts,
What about you?


Shawn J. Houtsinger
The one and only,

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