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Player Designed MTG Set!
By Hans Watson
Wizards of the Coast's research and development group puts in countless hours developing each new card set, carefully wording and playtesting each card to make sure it is perfectly balanced and an asset to the game. Of course as soon as the spoiler lists for the set hit the net they are assaulted with "This set sucks!" and "I can't believe they didn't see how broken that card is!"
E-League in association with Dragonstar, Inc. has decided to give the average player a chance to try their hand at card design. We will be accepting new card idea submissions for the next several weeks and featuring the best of them on our home page at!

We will be picking out the very best of these entries and once we have enough to fill an entire set we will work with Dragonstar to get the cards compiled into a patch for Apprentice! E-League will even run a tourney using these new cards and give away real prizes once the patch is complete!

To submit cards just send e-mail with all the card info to Please try to make the cards new and fresh, not ones that are already available on the net or are just a rehash of cards that Wizards of the Coast has already produced. Be sure to make the cards balanced and worded as carefully as possible including all the appropriate information. Of course, we reserve the right to edit cards as necessary to insure playability and to clear up vague wording.

We will also be taking theme/storyline submissions. Be as descriptive or brief as you like. Try not to use any of the current Magic storyline elements in your theme, as those are the intellectual property of Wizards of the Coast. As an example, it would be perfectly fine to include elves, goblins, dwarves or infantry in your theme, but you shouldn't use things like Urza, Llanowar or Sarpadia. To submit a theme just send an e-mail with all the details to

Please keep in mind that Wizards of the Coast does not officially endorse this. These card submissions will not be printed as real cards and will not be collectable. Online Magic The Gathering play is meant to supplement real life play, not replace it. Please support Wizards of the Coast by buying lots of product from them. Remember, without them we wouldn't have a game.

Apprentice is a virtual tabletop program used for playing Magic The Gathering on the internet. It is available from Dragonstar at

E-League is an online gaming organization that runs Magic The Gathering tournaments on the internet every day. We are run entirely by volunteers what work hard to give you a quality gaming experience because of their love of the game. All our tournaments are completely free and many of them even have big prizes donated by our generous sponsors. You can find out more about us at

[Editor's Note: Sound familar anyone? ]

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