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Limited Casualties 2
By Alex Makhovykh
A few days ago I had a real nice MBC draft over Netdraft. Most of people whom I was drafting with didnít have much time to play after, but one guy did, and I ended up 3-0. Like that really matters. But I really like the deck that I came up with. It was white/red and a bit shallow in the 1 and 2 casting cost slots, but it worked great. Anyway, for those interested hereís the list:

Kris Mage x1(shouldíve been 2, I hate my mouse, it shifted and I ended up with a Task Force instead ;( )
Renounce x1
Flame Rift x1
Flowstone Strike x1
Troubled Healer x1
Topple x1
Devout Witness x2
Revered Elder x1
Flowstone Wall x1
Laccolith Grunt x1
Furious Assault x1
Lightning Hounds x1
Lesser Gargadon x2
Zepara Minotaur x3
Copper-Leaf Angel x1
Latulla, Keldon Overseer x1
Flowstone Crusher x1
Flowstone Overseer x1
Gerrardís Irregulars x1
Plains x7
Mountain x10

In sideboard there was a bunch of useful stuff: 2 Seals of Cleansing, Snuff Out, Plague Witch, Vicious Hunger, Cateran Enforcer and Cateran Summons(with a few swamps in case I needed to use black), Flailing Soldier, 2 Latullaís Orders, Task Force, Sivviís Valor, Close Quarters, 2 Off Balance, and Trenching Steed.

As you can see I drafted some very big stuff- Zepara Minotaurs, Lesser Gargadons, Flowstone Overseer and Crusher, Latulla, Gerrardís Irregulars, and Copper-Leaf Angel. They were the way to victory all the times. I am proud of drafting this and how this deck came out, and I donít think many people at the table were drafting red, or I wouldnít get these awesome cards. However, the person I played, was using mostly red with blue in for Rethink, Avatar of Will, Rhystic Scrying and some other stuff, so I figured he was the only one drafting red, though there mightíve been others. There are a few important lessons to learn from this experience:

1) Fat in your color is good. Permanent destruction is good. Latulla is god.
2) Limited is a slower environment where you can afford to have a little messed up mana curve as long as you got enough lands. Use 17 to make sure you wonít get mana screwed. In all three games I never did.
3) Try to study cards and imagine different scenarios where they can help you, or how they can work. Study cards in the format before draft. Know that Stinging Barrier is better than Saprazaan Raider.
4) Try to figure out what everyone is drafting. If you see that no one shows interest in Black, maybe thatís the way to go, if you are passed a lot of good cards in that color.
5) Have fun while drafting. Though I am still bitchiní about not getting that Kris Mage, which would also improve my mana ratio.. *sob* If you do good, feel good about yourself. If you do bad, remember two things- you gained more experience and you gave it your best. Youíll do better next time. Have a snack. You didnít loose the world championship here. Plus it cost you nothing(if you did it on Netdraft that is).

Now, letís take a look at the best cards that Prophecy has to offer in limited formats:

Avatar of Hope: Helps you tremendously when youíre down. Even if you hard cast it, itís worth it. Take it if you see it in opening booster.
Diving Griffin: Non-tapping flyer. Very nice. Attack, then stay back for defense. Really cool. Take in later packs for sure.
Jeweled Spirit: If you get this rare in you 1st booster, take it before someone else will. A lot of people seem to draft rebels or just white decks in Masques Block Constructed, and if some one gets this out against you- game over almost guaranteed.
Mageta, the Lion: Stops all the creature rushes that your opponents can be possibly throwing at you. End of opponentís turn destroy all creatures. Untap. Attack. Repeat. Win game.
Reveille Squad: Now this card I just love. A rebel that lets you untap all your creatures when youíre attacked, as long as he is untapped. By itself its a nifty 3/3 for 4 mana, and with his ability he becomes awesome.
Shield Dancer: Opponentís attackers canít get through and kill themselves in process. Need I say more?
Troubled Healer: Now this may very well one of the best, if not the best, common from the whole Prophecy set for limited. It saves your creatures from burn or combat damage, it saves you, it makes use of extra land. Awesome.

Alexi, Zephyr Mage: One of the most broken cards in Prophecy for limited. It bounce all of opponentís threats back to his hand, and then you can proceed to attack with all yours. Probably more broken than Mageta.
Avatar of Will: At some point your opponent will loose his hand, and thenÖ Mwahahaha!!!
Ribbon Snake: Great 2/3 flyer for 3 mana, even given itís disability. It makes casting stuff harder for your opponent, and works well both in attacking and blocking.
Stormwatch Eagle: Very hard, almost impossible to kill, this flyer can do damage, and then return to your hand if combat damage or other threat is near. Really great card.
Withdraw: Your opponent looses 1-no wait- 2 creatures. What say you? He can pay one mana? Then return one of your after putting the combat damage in stack. You see, he does loose 2 creatures.

Jolrael, Empress of Beasts: 1) Play lots of land and some defense. 2) Play Jolrael. 3) Activate Jolrael. 4) Proceed to attack with 8 3/3 creatures. 4) Laugh like a maniac.
Silt Crawler: Taps all lands when he comes into play, but is still a great cheap pound-for-pound creature that can do some early beating.
Thresher Beast: Damned if you do, damned if you donít. Block and loose a land, and maybe a creature, let is through take 4 damage. ;(
Squirrel Wrangler: With the amounts of land you get in Limited, the game will be yours if you get this big boy out.
Vitalizing Wind: If you ever cast this, then there is very little chance of your opponent recovering. If you cast this, youíve probably won the game.

Agent of Shauku: This may look like a weak card, but donít underestimate it. It can make Spore Frog kill a big creature of go through for the last few damage.
Avatar of Woe: You cast this- unless opponent deals with it right away- the game is all yours. Easier to cast, because of all the creature battles in Limited.
Chilling Apparition: Regenerator that makes opponent discard when it damages him is good. Can be used to chump block Blastoderm or make opponent loose his hand.
Pit Raptor: a 4/3 flying and first striker can finish off opponent within a few turns.
Plague Wind: when you cast this, you can through for one last weenie rush and win the game on the same turn. Take it if you can.

Avatar of Fury: If you get this creature out, one or two attacks from it should quickly finish of your opponent. One of the best cards in Prophecy for limited.
Barbed Wire: Colorless damage is good when youíre playing mono-colored deck against a Thermal Glider. One damage to anything per turn is still good.
Fault Riders: 2/2 with the possibility of becoming a 4/2 first striker, makes it an amazing card in draft.
Flameshot: This card can take out up to 3 creatures at the same time, and its alternative casting cost only makes it better.
Latulla, Keldon Overseer: A fireball every other turn. Need I say more?
Lesser Gargadon: Definitely beefy creature, and even though it requires you to sack a land each time it goes to combat, 6/4 for 4 mana is simply amazing.

Well, thatís all for this time. I hope I helped some of you, and Iíll be here with a new article real soon, I promise.
Send e-mail/comments/anything to
or leave a post here.

This is Alex Makhovykh
a.k.a. superguy
a.k.a. Alex, Emperor of Squirrels.
P.S. Chimeric Idol is some good.

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