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Code Name 1#: TRADING first part
By Federico
[Editorís Note: This article seems geared for newer players from a newer player. Keep that in mind]

Well, I've been out for a long time, but I really wanted to tell you a little story. This will be good for new players, because It will show them mainly what NOT to do when you start in the world of Magic:

WARNING: I do not take responsibility for your acts or for the misspelling in this document.

Well you could say I started as a regular guy in Magic, I was nine back then (no I haven't been playing for that long time, from the info you might get from my cards you could say I've been playing for 4 months) and I'm 16 now.

But I don't want to bore you with the personal stuff so I'm going to go to the main thing. TRADING. Trading is a double edged weapon that should be carefully studied by newer players. Hell I've years in this game and I sometimes get ripped off.

I said that I started playing magic when I was 9; well to tell you the truth I only started playing when I was 12. why? because in the mean time I stopped; I only played with my friends and a lot of stuff happened that I don't really want to remember.

What I DO remember is my first trade (no, its not pathetic), and man was I ripped off! I even think I traded a Wrath of God (maybe fourth edition) for an Inferno (you're probably saying: "Inferno... what is that card?" or maybe even better "has anybody used this card apart from this guy?") Well I'll tell you that last year was not funny either.

But lets start with the article; I still have homework to do and I'm running out of time.

I'm going say this once and I hope that somebody listens to me: you have to have some order. So before you go to trade follow a few steps.

First, separate the uncommons and rares from you pile of cards, yeah put them away. What you don't know what cards you have are uncommon or rare?... well I hope this will be easy. Well do you know what an expansion symbol is?? Very good, itís is the little symbol on the middle right of the card. from now on we have three situations:

1) your cards are from exodus or recent expansions: well you're a lucky dog. Remember the expansion symbol well it has an utility (besides telling you the expansion the cards is from) if it is black the card is a common; if it is silver the cards is an uncommon, and luckily if it is gold the card is a rare.

2) or maybe your cards are from Stronghold or older expansions. Well this will be a little more tricky. Unfortunately you'll have to buy a special magazine like...Inquest to find out If your cards are common, uncommon, or rares. But don't worry because I was going to tell you to buy the magazine anyway ... because it will also provide you with the cards prices (very useful when trading). [Editorís Note: Most people donít advise trading by book value]

3 ) "but my cards don't have an edition symbol on them. Have I been ripped off?" Well in most cases the answer is NO you probably have cards from fifth or fourth editions (you lucky dog) in this case you'll have to use the magazine so go and buy an Inquest NOW!!

Ok?? Are you all set. Well the next step is hard because lets face: everyone has been ripped off sometime. The key here is to prevent this to happen to you too often. The first couple of times I would recommend that you go to the trading place near you and try to make new friends. Because (and believe me) you will need them.
Now trading is very diplomatic so you should see some people doing it before you try it. Watch them, watch the prices they use and try to look carefully at their binders. For now try to stay away from the Pro tour guys. Who are the Pro tour guys... well anyone with an enormous binder or with two of them should be avoided the first couple of times.

Well I'm running short on time so I guess I'll see you next week with the second part of the article: "Actual trading"


From each seed, a world.
From each world, a thousand seeds.

PS. Next week I'll promise the article will be bigger...sorry folks.

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