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"Scrubs Corner":PTQ Chicago Attempt P2;Indiana
By Shawn J. Houtsinger
This is Part 2 of my attempt at qualifying for PTQ Chicago.

Format: MBC
Where: Indianapolis, Indiana at RCA Dome
When: 10:00 A.M.
7 Rounds

After trying out Gencon in Milwaukee, I felt better knowing I missed T8 by points. My play skills were still intact, only making on error(not key) along the way.

I originally had intended to go to Indiana by myself and enter the tournament. Instead, I asked Bill and Calvin to come with. We had enough money to get a hotel.
4 hours later, we were at our hotel.
10:30 friday night.
It was a nice Best Western (AAA Class) and soaked it up in the Hot tub and swam a few laps.
We got up early and headed out. The stop light were horrible, making us late.
We arrived JUST as they were starting. It was a nightmare. I immediately told the people holding the tournament of our situation. SIMPLY EVENTS was very nice by allowing us to enter but would have to play each other and with whatever time was left. Bill wasn't able to finish his deck so he gave it to Calvin and got the rest of the cards while we filled out information. I owe alot to Calvin and Bill for putting up with the horrible situation.

I took notes on everything but got lost on our drive back. I will keep it simple.

Round 1
Calvin (my friend)

Big White Control.

This wasn't a hard match up for me. I cleared the board with snuff outs and Vendetta. Served.

Round 2

Mirror Match

For some reason I never really see many decks except mine.
I destroy him first game with a blastoderm.
Second game he drops me with his burst
The third one was close. I went down to 6 cards and only ONE land. He gets out vine tellis and then Blastoderm. I start to top deck land and lay chump blockers.
I manage out a Burst and finish him. I don't know how I won that one.

Round 3

Blue Skies with 2 Rising Waters

I feel comfident playing this match up
Game one I had a great creature destruction hand. He makes a play mistake by tapping mana and not using it, and not casting rising waters early.
Second game was me drawing my massacres and creature destruction. One silt crawler went all the way.

Round 4


I dont really know what it was.He had some red burn spells and creatures. I destroyed him fairly quick. Same for second game.

Round 5


He gets out a quick creature and has two seal of strength and two Seal of fire.
I destroyed his creatures and he draws all land.
Second game I got out my flagship and it was all over. He had no answers for bursts.
He was nice guy but kind of curious how he got so far with his deck.

SO I was 5-0!!! I know I can make T8 now if I draw.

Round 6:
My opponent agress to draw

Round 7:

See round 6.

YES!!!!!!!!!!! I make T8.

I am guaranteed a box and a T8 pin.


Mirror Match

Charlie Horn was his name.

He had a different version. Playing Vine Trellis and Desert Twisters and Spitting Spider.

Both game one and two are the same.

I draw two blastoderms and have only ONE forest on the board. I can't draw any to lay them down and I lose.

Not what I wanted, but getting there.....

Next one:

Chicago, Illinois
T2 qualify


Shawn J. Houtsinger
The one and only,

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