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"Scrubs Corner": PTQ Chicago attempt;Part 1:GENCON
By Shawn J. Houtsinger
Hello all,

Three weeks ago I realized I wanted, more than ever, to prove I am good player at MTG, so I went out and started my attempt at qualifying for Pro Tour Chicago.

MBC is the format.
I looked at the Schedule and I had three shots at getting to Pro Tour Chicago.
1. Milwauke, at Gencon.
2. Indianapolis, Indiania at RCA Dome
3. Chicago, Palatine.

This is Part 1 of 3 to my adventure. As I write this now, I am finishing my third, so by the time this gets out, I will of been done.


Gencon: Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Format: MBC Block
Prize: Top 2 qualifies for PTQ Chicago plus cash and box.

I asked my friend Bill Rice for a deck, he suggested Green/Black. After review, I agreed and proceeded to playtest for my whole ONE week.
After getting crushed at VGC in Milwaukee by a random,but good, black deck, I was frustrated.
White seemed to be a good deck also. I had to make sure I didn't see Blinding Angel across the board from me.
So here is the deck I played at Gencon.


4 Blastoderm
4 Thrashing Wumpus
4 Silt Crawler
4 Chimeric Idol
3 Primevil Shambler
4 Snuff Out
3 Vendetta
2 Seal of Doom
2 Spitting Spider
4 Saporling Burst

14 Swamp
12 Forest


2 Forced March
2 Cateran Slaver
2 Distorting Lens
4 Reverant Silence
2 Woodripper
3 Massacre

First off, I hate GENCON
Let me tell you why.
The parking in downtown Milwauke is horrible.
If you don't end up paying about 5-10 dollars for a parking spot, you end up on the other side of town in front of a parking meter.
Once you enter to pay, you wait in an enourmous line. I don't know if they want to pay people to actually sit at booths and collect money but I really wonder. The information they have to collect and then put into the database is ridiculous.
So Bill and I stand in line waiting to pay for a ONE-DAY pass. Which comes out to 15 dollars. Oh, and they don't tell you that if you get a visitors pass ($15) for one day, you can't enter tournaments unless you pay 21. What is that?
Too much money they are asking. So once we waited in line for 45 minutes someone informs me that since we are only staying for one day, we have to head for another line. There was no directions or signs alerting me of this 45 minutes ago.

Finally, I get in and I sit down. I put in the Spitting Spiders since I see alot of white and blue. Damn flyers....
Bill is playing Green/black also.
Since the hour and half in lines, we only have 10 minutes till tournament starts.

Ben Kellerstrass (Lackey of Bob Maher Jr)
Green Bay, WIS

White deck
Game 1:
I lay beats with silts and blastoderms. This game ends quickly with him drawing. Two Blinding Angel. Two Parallax Wave. Two Wave of Reckoning. One After Life. Two Cho-Monno's Blessing.

Game 2: SB in Massacre, Distorting Lens, and FM
He gets three land and trys to lay a Cho Monno's on a sargent and Snuff it out. He doesn't see any land till 6 turn for 4th land drop but I drew two consecutive Blastoderms.

Game 3: SB in Reverant Silence also.
I get two Blastoderms and I reverant silence his Parallax Wave quickly. I Vendetta a Chimeric and proceed to win with him only having 4 mana.

He was extremely nice and a good player. He only made one error which was trying to Cho Monno's a Idol end of turn to use it to block during my turn.

Round 2
Ben Bohnnoh
Madison, Wis
11:47 start

Mirror Match

Game 1: He gets out silt early and lays beatings till I vendetta and then another on his Chimeric. This was close with me top-decking Wumpus with me at 5.

Game 2: SB in Woodripper, Slaver, FM, and Distorting Lens. Oh, I think one reverant silence.
Close game also. I control with Saporling Burst till slaver comes out.

Joe Henderson
Urbana, IL
12:55 start

Mirror Match
Game 1: I don't remember much but that I go down to 13 untill I get Umpus out and some silt crawlers.

Game 2: SB in same.
He crushes me with a blastoderm and gets rid of my creaturs. I see an Saporling but he Twisters it.

Game 3: He gets anther Blastoderm 4th turn and some creature destruction. I have distorting and lay Blastoderm as a blocker. From there, I controlled with another back up of another Blastoderm and kill his creatures.

Round 4
Ryan O'Connor
2:00 start

Game 1: I get mana Screwed. Two land. He kills me quickly.

Game 2: See game 1.

Ryan is very friendly and we end up talking all day. I enjoy MTG people like him. Good luck to him on the future.

Aaron Breider

Mirror Match
Game 1: I had to work my charm to loosen him up and get him to talk. After that,he and I enjoyed the mirror match.
I take 2 Blastoderm damage. I drop saporling burst, saporling burst, and then game. WUMPUS

Game 2: SB in same cards. I get him down to 1 life. He comes back with killing my creatures and running me over with burst.

Game 3: I get a great hand. I have two slayers in hand and blastoderm. I have all land. I decide to lay blastoderm and just play defense untill I draw my second swamp. I lay my first slayer. He starts to lay beatings. I drop the next one, he concedes.

The amazing thing was he only plays occasionally also. A casual player, cool.
He plays very well for one.

Round 6
Ken Hiociski
S. Holland, ILL

Mirror Match
Game 1: I get him to 7 and he loses
Game 2: see game one. Very quick. Not much to say.

Round 7
Samuel King
South Bend, Indiana
5:21 start

Game 1: After 20 minutes of him and me shuffling we start.I get out one wumpus. He is at 7.
He counters everything and drops a Nether Spirit. Gains life from High Market. During the end, he has a flagship. I lose to Nether.

Game 2: Sb? Huh?
He is at 7 life again when he controls. He draws 3 counters spells, rethink, foil, and twart consecutively. Amazing. This game goes to final 5 turns when time was called. He wins on 3rd turn with Nether Spirit. I could of stalled but chose not to.

Round 8:
Squire Kershner
Milwaukee, WI
6:41 start

Mirror Match
Game 1: I snuff out his Vine Trellis
He beats me down with Chimeric. I get out Blastoderm. Game

Game 2: I snuff out his Vine Trellis. I lay 2 Blastoderms. I lay out Distorting lens and kill his blockers.

I end up 14th and unknown to me, get a half of box for under 1700 rating but placing so high. Cool.
The Spitting spiders were useless these games. The slaver was the deciding factor for the out-come of my wins.

Part 2 is for Indianapolis, Indiana.
MBC format
Top 2 qualify

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