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The Forbidden Apple PTQ Report
By Mark Ortego
First of all, please know that this report would not be possible without the support and help from my friends here at the CPA, again, thank-you.
Event: PTQ Chicago
Place: David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Pittsburgh, PA (Home of the Steelers-Go Team!)
Format: Mercadian Masques Block
Deck: Rising Waters
Deck List:
4x Eye of Ramos
4x Chimeric Idol
4x Rising Waters
4x Gush
4x Ribbon Snake
4x Waterfront Bouncer
4x Stinging Barrier
4x Thwart
2x Daze
1x Foil
2x Seal of Removal
1x Trade Routes (the only card that I added)
22x Island
1x Dust
and a very messed up sideboard (withheld due to embarrassment)
Round 1
Rising Waters vs Counter Rebel
Game 1: By turn three he still hasn't put out a rebel and I start playing Idols and Ribbon Snakes. He eventually starts running out of counters and I finally get out a Waterfront Bouncer and a Chimeric Idol. I win.
Game 2: He beats me down for just a few points until I get out a Waterfront Bouncer and a Stinging Barrier. He dies a slow death by pinging.
Round 2
Rising Waters vs Snuff-O-Derm
Game 1: I can't seem to keep any creatures on the board and not one sign of my countermagic spells. I get clobbered by a Silt Crawler.
Game 2: Somehow, I let him get a Haunted Crossroads down by turn three and then on turn four he casts a Blastoderm (where in the heck are my counters and why did I keep an opnening hand without them?). It's over quickly. I seriously lack PT skills.
Round 3
Rising Waters vs White Control
Game 1: I lock him down by getting out a second turn Waterfront bouncer and a fourth turn Stinging Barrier. By turn twenty-eight, he's dead.
Game 2: He sideboards in more Mageta's and four Afterlife's. He manages to cast a Blinding Angel sometime by mid-game and it's over shortly after that.
Game 3: (note: at my shop I have gained the dubious name "Stallmonger" due to my play style and deck choice-I assure you that I play just as quick as David Price, it's just that I probably can't or won't kill you for about 20 to 30 min. later). Anyway, it happens, I lock him down but can't kill him so, we draw (he's pissed).
Match: 1-1-1
Round 4
Rising Waters vs White/Red Control
Game 1: This guy curses my deck, and as a result, I beat him down with Chimeric Idol.
Game 2: I lock him down and I can't kill him and the game goes the full legnth of time plus five turns and nobody wins, the judge says the game never exsisted and I win the match.
Round 5
Rising Waters vs U/W Cowardice
Game 1: His deck is working at text book level. He gets out two Jolting Merfolk with a Cowardice in-play (I was counterless again) and he beats me down to 2 life. Amazingly enough I draw a seal of removal and Gush for another one and I send back his merfolk and I plop down a Waterfront Bouncer and then the next turn, a Chimeric Idol. I win. Whew! My lack of PT skills are really starting to show, I know this because, for as nice as this dude was to me, his face said that NO WAY I should've beat him.
Game 2: This guy gets mana screwed and I beat him down shamelessly with a Chimeric Idol. Note: I really don't like "beatdown" decks but I'm begining to like this one, except, it's not supposed to be a "beatdown" deck. ?????
Round 6
Rising Waters vs Classic: Rebel
Game 1: I think he's toying with me because by turn 8 he has enough rebels to kill me but he doesn't attack. I finally get a defense up and I have no countermagic spells in my hand and he casts a Parallax Wave. NOW, he attacks and wins in the next two turns.
Game 2: Almost exactly the same except he does it faster.
I Scrub-out!
I place 43/123 not bad, I suppose, for someone who doesn't have the stomach OR skills for Pro-Tour play. However, with that said, I'm still proud of myself.
Snuff-O-Derm was by far thee most superior deck of the day.
I really didn't think I would make it as far as I did, oh well, I do want to thank again everyone who replied to my Forbidden Apple post, thanks.

This is Mark Ortego
"I dared to get out of my comfort zone, and liked it."">

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