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A Dominian Reflection on USA Politics
By Robert Hilliard
Dominian Universal Healthcare: a reflection of USA Politics

On Health Care: Dominians know all about health care and what it takes to prevent, or at least try, others from dying. The consultants for the topic of Health Care Reform range from those that treat the small and frail in our country, to those that treat the brave and courageous defending our country.

Barrenton Medic: “One of the best things to do, is take another’s illness, and give it to me. In fact, it’s really all about others just passing away the responsibility and hardship and placing them my direction so society can have someone go down for the faulty policies that some individuals not sensitive to the multiverse are trying to make multiversal law. That’s all I am really, some punching bag, not a professional medic. Someone that will let these laws pass and push my value as a Dominian further down the food chain.”

Battlefield Medic: “Well, in order to really help one individual, many people need to be involved. The more hands involved the better. What better way to take care of someone than to insist that they talk to at least 3 different nurses, 2 doctors, 1 surgeon and then a holistic shaman, before they actually got care. Without many people involved, there wouldn’t be enough preventative health care to assist an individual since simple illnesses are not worth putting much effort into.”

Combat Medic: “I actually believe that I should help my neighbor as little as possible. Mainly, just enough to keep him around so he can take a bullet for me next time one comes around. So nothing to permanently cure his illness, just something small enough to keep him around and keep overall costs down… and me alive…”

Goblin Medics: “We believe that in order to really help someone, you need to hurt them. So all health care should just make people sicker. This would be its own deterrent to them seeking care, and thus nearly eliminate all health care costs we face at this time.”

Medicine Runners: “All anyone really needs to do is run. The more you run, the healthier you will be. If you haven’t seen it – go back and watch Forrest Gump – that man could run. See how healthy he was. Not ever a sign of sickness. Eliminate all health care costs by running. That’s all it takes.”

The Dominian Consultants noted above did some Brainstorming and decided to appoint a committee of other Dominians to craft the alternative to the USA health care reform bill: Dominia Universal Health – better known as DUH… This committee is comprised of the following Healers: Daru, D’avenant, Elvish, Faith, Femeref, Hallowed, Kithkin, Kitsune, Master, Orcish, Samite, Treefolk, Troubled and Orim – Samite.

Everyone will receive complimentary:

  1. Healer’s Headdress
  2. Healing Leaves
  3. Healing Salves
  4. Holistic Wisdom daily calendars
  5. Medicine Bags
  6. Folk Medicine Prescriptions
  7. Herbal Poultice
  8. Royal Herbalist massage sessions
  9. Rushwood Herbalist holistic meditation sessions

    Please understand that all of this was done with the best interest of all Dominians in order to provide essential health care to all, with little to no cost to all… except for all the complimentary offerings. We will actually be raising taxes for all of those to be paid for and replenished. But our fellow Dominians, don’t worry – all of these costs will be reserved before the plan takes effect. The current plan is to tax all of you and build reserves to last approximately 1.5 multiverse years, and have the DUH take effect in approximately 3 multiverse years.

    By the way, we don’t have to have the Planeswalkers or Dominian citizen consent to do this, we’ve got it covered.

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