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Midnight Magic III- The Gone In Sixty Seconds deck
By Graeme "Dead" Taylor
And now for something completely different. In an attempt to prove that building decks can be an entertaining process in itself, I decided to try and build a deck based on the most recent film I had seen- Gone in sixty seconds. For those of you haven't seen it, the 'plot' is that Nick Cage has to steal 50 cars in one night or his brother dies. What results is a whole bunch of grand theft auto, car chases, crashes, explosions and fights. How could I recreate the feel of this in a magic the gathering deck? It would certainly be difficult, but the end product should be a laugh if nothing else.

My first thought was to go blue. There's the excellent rootwater thief, as well as psychic theft and theft of dreams. Expanding the idea of stealing stuff into a more general magic theme of gaining control of other people's stuff i could throw in confiscate, overtaker, dominate, and maybe even bribery. This could be quite an interesting deck- stealing the other player's resources and using them against them, but ultimately it was too generic- it could represent any old large scale robbery operation. What i wanted was something that was identifiable with Gone In Sixty Seconds- not only did i need to steal stuff, but to somehow capture the essence of high speed action and car chases, as well as the trail of destruction that was left behind. In short, i needed fast creatures that damaged and destroyed anything that got in the way. I needed red.

First up was the theft related stuff. First choice was Thieve's auction, an absolutely crazy card in multiplayer, but rather useful in a duel as it meant i could grab whatever got in the way of my high speed creatures. Of course, if you intend to use thieve's auction, you have to have brand. That way in a duel you get at least half your opponent's permanents, as you grab as many of theirs as possible during the auction, then follow up with brand to have your's back as well, leaving them with just the permanents they owned and chose in the auction. Finally there was just one theft-related creature i could find in my box of cards- Robber Fly. Not the best, but reasonable evasion as few people will want to lose their hand to it. This is one of the cards i've been trying to find a use for for quite some time, so i'll give it a shot.

Oh dear, only 4 robber flies as my attack force doesn't seem too promising. If i couldn't get any creatures which were linked by name to theft, i've have to find something which matched the general characteristics. My ideal creature would strike fast and suddenly- that meant it would have to have haste. Then it needs to be gone in sixty seconds- that is, disappear before it gets killed. At first I thought of phasing, fading and echo as ways of representing this. However, whilst looking through my commons pile i chanced across a Viashivan Sand Scout. The combination of low cost, haste and returning to hand was just what i needed! However, I wanted something a big bigger that might actually survive long enough to bounce- enter the sandscout's big brothers, the 5/3 cutthroat and 4/2 sandstalker. The only other creature I could think of was goblin war buggy, which is almost a car and also had both haste and echo. That's the creatures sorted. These critters would also tie in well with thieve's auction as they'd come back to my hand. Now I needed some car chase stuff.

The first cards i thought of were downhill charge to represent speed, and blaze for all the burnt out wrecks that are littered throughout the film. The charge would be great with the evasive robber fly or the haste creatures, and blaze gives me an alternative victory route. Looking through my cards i found reckless abandon, scrap (to represent the car crushing plant) and the highly appropriate crash. To finish off there was the awesome wake of destruction, to indicate the chaos the high speed chases left behind.

Land would obviously be predominantly mountains, but i wanted to see if there was anything that could indicate the cars chasing through a city, twisting and turning. The closest approximation to this was winding canyons, which i decided to use as it meant i could use the viashivan bouncers as blockers if needed, leaving me less vulnerable than just having robber flies and war buggies as potential defense.

The Decklist:

Theft related-
3X Thieves Auction
3X Brand
4X Robber Fly

Car Chases-
4X Downhill Charge
4X Blaze
2X wake of Destruction
2X crash
2X scrap
4X reckless abandon

Fast Stuff-
4X Viashino Cutthroat
4X Viashino Sandstalker
4X Goblin war Buggy

18 Mountain
2 Winding Canyon

There we are then- a fast creature attack deck with evasion, direct damage, land destruction, the ability to nick other people's stuff and great entertainment value. I don't know how many games it'll win but it'd be fun trying. The next film i'm going to see is X-Men or Romeo must die... now i wonder how difficult a deck based on one of them would be? Or how about the best film of all time- the matrix? Hmm....

[Author's note- for those who are wondering, this is called midnight magic because that's when i get most of my inspiration. The three is because this is the third of my articles (cunning huh?), but the first posted here. The others can be found at my website Http:// . If you like my style of writing, let me know and i could post the earlier and any future articles here as well.]

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