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Type Fun's Enchantress Bloom
By Stephen O. Bahl
This article was originally written for the "Type Fun" blog operated by CPA members Oversoul
and Al0ysiusHWWW. All such articles archived here were written by one or both of those individuals.

I'm finally back online, and instead of going back and fixing my old posts (I still will), I'm going to make a quick update on a deck that I've been toying with lately.

It's like a combination of a Tendrils of Agony deck and a Cadaverous Bloom deck. In fact, the mana engine and the kill are those specific cards. The main win condition idea is to keep shoveling out spells from your hand that are fueled by Bloom. Obviously, the cost of the spells need to be pretty cheap, maximum of two, to work effectively. The goal is pitch one to play two.

But you need to feed this engine a lot of cards to work. Old ProsBloom used Prosperity, but in case you missed the title of this post, we're going to use the enchantresses. They work well on their own, but when you have multiples out you're running a huge draw engine. For my build I did cut Verduran enchantress in favor of Demonic Tutor. I did this because she costs 1GG for a creature, so on top of being too expensive to pitch a card to drop, she wouldn't even let me draw from playing her.

So what to "fill" the rest of the deck with. Obviously, you'll want to keep the non enchantment skills to a minimum, black or green or both, and you want to keep it to a casting cost of 2 or less. The above three are perfect choices to protect the deck from a lot of problems it can encounter. Grass stops attackers, and since you're comboing off, you wont need to pay it's upkeep too many times. Void isn't the most practical, but it cripples a lot more decks than you'd think. Seal is the most useful, although it might be like trying to put a band-aid on broken bone.

I can already hear you saying, "Wait, Pernicious Deed is an enchantment and it only costs 3. Why play a GB with no card that defines those decks?". Ultimately, this deck runs on 1 and 2 cc permanents and a deed is the worst possible thing to come up against, let alone use. It's self defeating. I could see repurposing an Enchantress deck to use it, but not in a Tendrils Bloom deck.

Green is pretty well regarded as being able to easily produce mana. Wild Growth and Utopia Sprawl fill this idea very well, while fitting into our 1cc enchantment ideal perfectly. Early game they're basically a free drop. Enchant another untapped land, produce equal mana you have just spent.

Bringing in a little more prosbloom, Fastbond and Squandered Resources actually play a larger role in this deck than it's grandfather. It wont replace Bloom completely, but you can definitely use it to drop Tendrils without ever using bloom. Fastbond has a small draw back with multiple copies doing extra damage for each land, but you sidestep that with smart playing. Resources is an overall amazing card. TheStephenation and I have been looking for a long long time to fully break this card, since it's right on the edge. It can empty your hand easily 3rd turn especially since most cards in this deck are 1cc.

Finally, this deck is basically a combo Enchantress deck. It only needs one copy of the kill to win, but it's always good to include alternate wins. Words of Wilding and Helix Pinnacle are perfectly acceptable choices for wins here. Helix might be a little more of a stretch so I included Serra's Sanctum just to be careful. Sanctum also works well with Words. Both would take time to set up, and are slower than the primary kill, but I feel very well repurposed for this deck.

4x Enchantress's Presence
4x Argothian Enchantress

2x Demonic Tutor

1x Helix Pinnacle
1x Tendrils of Agony
1x Words of Wilding

2x Cadaverous Bloom
3x Squandered Resources

3x Fastbond

4x Elephant Grass
3x Planar Void
4x Seal of Primordium

4x Utopia Sprawl
4x Wild Growth

4x Bayou
12x Forest
3x Swamp
1x Serra's Sanctum

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