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Type Fun's Two Scrubby Decks
By Stephen O. Bahl
This article was originally written for the "Type Fun" blog operated by CPA members Oversoul
and Al0ysiusHWWW. All such articles archived here were written by one or both of those individuals.

In addition to other things going on in my life, I have what I estimate to be over 7,000 cards sitting in stacks on my desk right now waiting for me to organize them (thanks to Al0ysiusHWWW). This will probably be taking up the majority of my time devoted to Magic-related activities for at least this weekend. But I do have some projects in the works that should provide this blog with a big boost in content. For now, I'll just post two more decklists.

The good thing about these decks is that I don't have to justify any card choices. Al0ysiusHWWW built them from the cards we had pooled together at his house. In other words...

-He built them from what was available, so there's no reason they'd be optimized. I think even remember him commenting that I only had one Wrath of God or something.
-He's busy and had time constraints, so there probably wasn't much testing or anything. He also had to look through cards that I, and not he, had organized, so it's quite likely that not everything was easy to find. Some cards, like the thousands sitting in front of me now, weren't organized at all.
-He built the decks and I won't necessarily appreciate every little nuance about what was or wasn't included. Even if I might feel compelled to justify my own card choices, I don't feel compelled to justify those of someone else.
-He's a better deckbuilder than I am anyway. Seriously, he is.

This first one is loosely based on "Deck Parfait." If you're not familiar with it, Deck Parfait was an old mono-white control deck that used a Land Tax/Scroll Rack/Zuran Orb drawing engine along with cards like Moat and Story Circle to survive, drawing the game out and eventually using Sacred Mesa to kill the opponent. Our version is a little different. It's more modern, for one thing. We do still use the same card-drawing engine, but our threats are a bit different, as you can see...

4x Land Tax
3x Scroll Rack
4x Balance
4x Zuran Orb
4x Swords to Plowshares
4x Seal of Cleansing
4x Argivian Find
2x Claws of Gix
2x Humility
2x Catastrophe
2x Planar Birth
1x Goblin Charbelcher
2x Chrome Mox
1x Armageddon
1x Wrath of God
1x Serra Angel
1x Exalted Angel
1x Decree of Justice
17x Plains

Serra Angel and Exalted Angel will beat down an unprepared opponent. But usually the deck relies on using Land Tax to clear its library of lands. Planar Birth can pull discarded lands into play and the opponent is then finished with either a big Decree of Justice or Goblin Charbelcher. Rather than putting a fast clock on the opponent, this deck takes things slow, keeping the opponent neutalized, and then proceeds to take the opponent out in one big offensive. As mono-white decks go, this one is pretty fun and also rather resilient.

The other one is a bit more aggressive. It's an artifact-heavy beatdown deck Al0ysiusHWWW built from the shell of a Stax deck we turned out not to have enough cards to effectively construct. I don't need to explain Stax because Al0ysiusHWWW already covered it in the very first post to this blog:

4x Tinker
4x Sol Ring
4x Mana Vault
4x Grim Monolith
4x Chromatic Sphere
4x Ornithopter
4x Voltaic Key
3x Cranial Plating
2x Wheel of Fortune
2x Atog
2x Triskelion
1x Sphere of Resistance
1x Tangle Wire
1x Myr Incubator
1x Memory Jar
1x Mindslaver
1x Mox Diamond
1x Trinisphere
1x Null Brooch
1x Frogmite
4x Seat of the Synod
4x Great Furnace
2x Tolarian Academy
4x Island

Due to plenty of artifact mana, this deck can put out some huge threats fairly quickly. Both Atog and Cranial Plating allow for large amounts of damage because this deck will be dropping so many artifacts. Mindslaver can ruin some decks by itself. Finally, Myr Incubator can generate a massive army of 1/1 Myr tokens that will kill any opponent in short order. The rest of the deck either powers these threats out, disrupts the opponent's ability to do anything about them, or provides access to more threats. In particular, the power of Tinker and Wheel of Fortune are what breaks this deck and gives it an edge.

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