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"Scrubs Corner": To each his own....
By Shawn J. Houtsinger
Hello everyone,

First off,a 'thanks' to all of those who actually submitted an idea for my stompy deck. It's working well.

Gencon is rolling around this weekend for me.
The PTQ for MBC block constructed is here.
With my limited playtesting and faint grasp of the new decks out there, I am worried.
Will this be my last shot to win a PTQ? To go to the Pro Tour?
*Tick* *Tick* *Tick*
Only time will tell.

I actually thought about not going. Yeah, imagine that. There is a 5k run here in Racine that my girlfriend will be going to on the same morning of the tournament. Almost sounded pleasing.
I quickly shook off the thought.

There is too much at stake.
I am bringing three other yougin's to the tournament. I know they'll enjoy it so I can't NOT go...

My confidence in my deck is scary. I have no idea if it can keep up in the format or not.

Here is my deck:

2 Spitting Spider
4 Blastoderm
4 Saporling Burst
4 Silt Crawler
4 Snuff Out
3 Vendetta
2 Seal of Doom
4 Thrashing Wumpus
3 Phrexian Strambler
4 Chimeric Idol

14 Swamps
12 Forest

2 Distorting Lens
4 Reverant Silence
2 Forced March
2 Woodripper
2 Spitting Spider
3 Massacre

I tryed out the 5 color MTG. It seems like fun. But my decks can't handle the anti-factor nor do they even consist of enough rares...

Well, see you after the tournament....


Shawn J. Houtsinger
The one and only,

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