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Rarity in magic
By Ty Thomason
Just before a new set comes out, every one is looking at the spoiler trying to decide the next big cards. A recent trend I have noticed is that a majority of the powerful cards are rare. As someone who doesn’t invest a lot of money in new cards, it bothers me that players just starting the game are at a disadvantage.
A lot of the tournament quality cards are rare, and some should be. It would be tragic if every 10-year-old kid played with 4 Morphling and 4 Palinchron in their blue deck because they were easy to get. So I have decided to come up with a way to tell if a card should be rare, uncommon, or common (key word is should).

1. If it has the word “all” in the text box. These are cards that affect largely the outcome of the game. I know there are some examples that don’t affect the game at all, but they shouldn’t be printed because they do not deserve the power of “all”
2. Legends. This seems obvious. If you can only have one in play at a time, you should only have one in a booster box.
3. Any other game changing card. This includes cards that are obviously on the edge of being broken that do not include the powerful “all”. Cards like Yawgmoth’s Bargain and Will.
4. Lands should never be rare unless they are legendary. This is what I find mostly responsible for my article. $20 for a Port is crazy. Icy Manipulator was uncommon, and it is twice as good as Port. Same goes with multi-colored lands. Every player needs to be able to build a good two-color deck with out worrying about getting color screwed.
5. Big creatures. Every big creature needs to be rare. This is mainly to help out in limited. Decks with three or more Blastoderm are not cool during a draft tournament. These largely can be considered for number three, but they are only game changing in limited so they have their own rule.
6. Everything else should be uncommon or common.

R & D have done some good expansions in the past with good cards as uncommon or common. Alliances is the best example. Force of Will is one of the best cards ever and is uncommon. You might think Saga was good at this too, but every card in that set was too powerful many being broken before they were printed. Fallen empires had some good commons. Hymn to Tourach was restricted at one time. The famous pump knights were in FE.
I hope the future of magic is a tournament scene not dominated by $200 decks when many of the rares should be commons or uncommons.

Word to your mother.
Ty Thomason

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