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Dear Diary, Chapter Two
By Jonah Swersey
Chapter 2

Luc entered the house again, and looked at Lasmia, who had slowly gotten out of the corner. She hissed, “I hate Guide. I hate him and his millennia of experience. He could thrash just about any demon here, and now you know it; I won’t harm you. Not with him wanting that you stay alive.” She hissed resentfully, and straightened herself up. Her eyes glowed, the beautiful amber slits pulsating in the low light.

Luc looked at Lasmia, and said, “How long have you been here?”

Lasmia laughed. “Why do you think that we all have the symbol of infinity on our foreheads? There is no escape from paradise. Hell, I may add, is nothing compared to this.”

Luc went out to the street and saw a tower-like structure, like a minaret. He walked towards it, hoping that from there, he could get a good view of paradise. As he neared it, his forehead started to burn, and his head started to ache as though someone had been driving nuclear weapons into it and detonating them. He stopped abruptly ten meters away from the tower. There were ten meters of empty space between him and the tower, and for some reason, in these ten meters, there was absolutely nothing. It was as if god had taken an apple core remover to it, and the core had stayed put. Luc dropped a rock into the chasm, and waited for it to hit the bottom. He gave up after five minutes.

He looked up to the sky, and saw that the tower led directly into the base of the floating castle that he had seen earlier. He stood right there and stuck his arm in the space. Electricity sizzled, and his entire arm up to the elbow was gone. Luc yanked his arm back, screaming, and realized that it was just a vision. He still stood there near the precipice.

Luc looked around in panic. The vision had been so lifelike. Hell, his arm even hurt like hell. Luc climbed up to the roof of a nearby house, still panicked. The city stretched for miles in all directions. At the border of the city, a massive cliff wall extended almost infinitely into the heavens on every side. On the north side, there was a massive clock face with nine figures on it. In the half darkness, Luc could just make out a skull in the place of where the ninth figure would be. He had no idea what it meant, and didn’t want to find out either.
Luc felt hot breath on the back of his neck. He turned around again, and saw a massive maw full of teeth trying to bite his head of. And on top of it, his headache broke out with new wrath.

Luc flipped backwards and avoided a bite that ripped away the entire side of the house. Luc slipped backwards and fell from the shifting roof. He landed hard on his left hand, and the situation only got worse as the rest of the roof collapsed on him. The last thing that he saw was a glowing red infinity symbol and a third eye of a massive monster.

Luc felt the incredible weight of roof, and heard the massive footsteps receding. He tried to push it away, but he couldn’t even begin to move the bulk, and when he tried to use his hand, his wrist gave out on him. He was reduced to chipping at the wood with his knife as the crushing darkness closed in around him. He worked the wood until he could break out, and then sprinted to Lasmia’s house, screaming all the way.

He slid the sliding door open and shrieked, “Why is this happening to me?” But he was screaming at an empty room. The only being was behind him.

“Still can’t remember? Oh well, it’ll come, and you’ll understand.”

Luc turned around. His twitching eye was obvious in view. “Every time that I meet you,” whispered Luc, “The more I hate you.” His voice rose to a growl and quickly to a scream. “And now either give me a straight answer or GO **** YOURSELF!” Luc whipped out his switchblade and attacked Guide, who vanished into thin air. And behind his apparition was a seven-foot tall cyclopean monster with a massive sword. Luc jumped at him, dagger raised, and the sword came from the opposite direction from the one that the giant had swung the sword and cut him in half.

Luc snapped out of the vision, thanking god that it was just a vision. He brought his knife up just in time to stop the blow from filleting him. He ducked and slit open the throat of the monster with a powerful uppercut. At this point it hardly alarmed him when the flesh simply healed within seconds. A clawed foot kicked him carelessly aside, and he heard a loud snap; something had broken. His breath came in heavy gasps, and he looked at his enemy, who was obviously laughing. He cursed and tried to stand up. Luc had only one trick left. He threw his knife at his opponent. In hit in the monster’s forehead, directly where the infinity symbol crossed over itself. The monster tried cross-eyed to look up at his forehead as the infinity symbol flooded white. White lines formed all over its body as it pulled the knife out in panic. With a flash of light, it exploded.

Luc saw it. He saw the way to kill the creatures. Their weak point was the symbol of their endlessness, the infinity mark on their forehead. Laughing in triumph, he dragged himself back into the house and collapsed on the floor, bleeding.

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