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Scrubs Corner: une fois dernière
By Shawn J. Houtsinger
For those who "knew" me: I apologize.
For those who don't, consider yourself lucky.

No, honestly, all jokes aside, I felt I should extract my inner stain and expose it.
I want to set the record straight on a few things, as a writer, reader and player at CPA, for those small few that care. I am not here for pity or self-importance (I.E. Super-Ego) or to condemn those who were beneath the Houts Express.

I am here as fan of this game, and hopefully to keep that fire alive for those future MTGer's.
*Before the Windows Fail me..

But, before I can go further I want to explain:

1. I loved writing for the numerous sites that allowed for my radical ranting known as 'writing'.
For all practical, and intesive, purposes, my intentions were as such previously stated. My writings were with full intention to be written poorly and full of sarcasm, paradox's, hidden wit, and hidden meaning(less) messages. The juxatposing from my MTG [life] (writing & playing) in comparison to reality is night and day; I am not who can be perceived to be in words.

I've always enjoyed trying new techniques when writing an article for such a younger crowd. Not to demean my future generation, but I found myself dumbfounded by the lack of motivation to learn, to be educated, and further oneself. Not just in MTG but in life [Reality]. Where have all youthful, grand inquistors' gone?
How could such intrinsic values of education been undervalued and overlooked? Does no one read anymore? Do you not want to learn something you do not know?
But, I digress...

2. Those who read further into what is read seem to lose their bookmarks along the way. What is black in ink, and white on the page is all that pertains to the subject matter. Read no further!
I take pride in knowning such hard raging could be raised from such meaningfull (less) words.
A community this site states, but I found, within it, the black stained ugly cancer: hypocrisy and arrogance.

I won't dive into this, but will state this: do what you want and stick by your decisions. Along the way, you will see others who will make 'right' decisions, as well as 'wrong' ones. But, in the process, do not be arrogant.

Remember the compliments you receive, forget the insults; if you succeed in doing this, tell me how

Write, write more, and keep on writing! Forget about all the 'comments' writen down below. Focus on revising, and improving upon, your ultimate goal in this: for the love of the game.

I will say this once more and let it die alone. There are no differences among the elite and the common folk; only jealously, hate, and ignorance will create such a line. Ignore all those who oppose to this.

3. I no longer play; at least not in a conscious state. Not even, at such a ridiculous term of, 'casual'. There is no such thing. Either you do something right or you don't do it all. Why else waste one's time? Now my fruitful time is being spent in thesis work. An ever-grinding process of flattening money to education without any return except self-satisfication. I no longer desire, nor miss, the card flipping, noiseless discussions, asomnia, over-dose states of sugar intake, endless nights of being trapped in a box on wheels, or laidless Friday Nights.
I am left with a ambigious feeling inside my throat and gut; neither can reside or expel.

Enjoy my latter gents'

Mei Duro Spiritus

The One And Only
Shawn J. Houtsinger
[Kudos to those that see the white space between the black ink and not the other way around]

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