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The Aftermath of the Adkison Interview
By Tom Bergmann
Tom Bergmann

We have to understand that the world can only be grasped by action, not by contemplation. The hand is more important than the eye... The hand is the cutting edge of the mind.
-Jacob Bronowski

Sounds kind of Zen, doesn't it?

It's true though. All the careful thought in the world doesn't mean a damn thing unless someone gets off their butt and does something about it.

Case in point: Orgg's interview with Peter Adkison. Here is a guy who didn't just come up with an idea and then talk it to death. He did ask for our help, but he had a plan, and then he followed through on that plan. Indecision was never a part of it, and it turned out really, really well.

I'm actually a little jealous .

As a byproduct of that interview, we've seen another surge in membership. We're now up over the 450 mark in registered members for the Bulletin Board.

Welcome, all of you, to our humble home.

I've noticed, in surfing the boards, that some of you are tournament-orientated players. That's okay - we've actually got a couple of pros here who are regular contributors, but if you're only here to look for the latest tech please try not to be too disappointed, since you won't be finding much.

That's not what we're about.

We are an Alliance of casual players, who've banded together with one purpose in mind above all others: to fight to preserve this game of Magic we all love.

We do this through a variety of means. We share our opinions with each other on the boards with respect for the opinions of others, even when we are in total disagreement. We share information freely, especially where it concerns this game, but also in other areas, so that we may better understand each other's perspective. And there's a plan to forward to WotC the results of the informal polling we're doing in the Voting Booth, though that plan's run into a snag or two.

Speaking of which, a point was made in a thread in the Issues Forum referring to Mr. Adkison's response to the question of whether WotC would be interested in hearing our opinions on Magic related issues. I won't go into too many of the details here (it's late, and I've got to wrap this up ) but the bottom line on it is that while Mr. Adkison didn't exactly endorse the idea, he also wasn't totally negative about it.

To me, that means that if we do it properly, and professionally, they may just hear what it is we have to say.

That's all we ever asked for .

So that's what we're about. Join us, and together we can help keep this game the best game ever.

Tom Bergmann
TomB on the CPA BB
CPA Member

"I do not teach. I simply reveal"
-Daudi, Femeref tutor

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