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"Scrubs Corner": What I would say......
By Shawn J. Houtsinger
If I could offer one piece of advice to the younger MTG kids, this is what I would say:

Have fun!

Don't worry about winning or losing, but what you learn from that expierence.

With all things in life, time is of no essence, you might not be the next Finkel when you start but you will find that you'll pick it up quickly.


There is no substantial facts I can show you that says reading makes you a better MTG player but I will ask you this:

Do you know an Illiterate Pro Tour player?

Smile and laugh. Either one is a better reaction after losing your 123rd game in a row.....
And it will also be your best response once you win your 124th in a row.

There is a certain truth: Learning is a process, and to seek wisdom is wiser than to assume...

Don't be discouraged, in time, if god intends it, you will be better. But don't forget to ask for help.


If your eqaution is MTG=$

Your wrong. It is cardboard. There are more priceless pocessions you rather have than this. If you can afford both.
Than do both.

You might find yourself frustrated sometimes and other on top of the world.
Since I don't have to give advice on to act when suceeding, let me tell you how to when your not.
Remember that as part of any game, it is luck.
Sometimes you'll get a flawless hand...
Sometimes you won't
but in the after a while you'll realize that part of the fun is trying to win when the odds are stacked against you.
And if you do...
You'll succeed not just in the game but
in the eyes of others.
What more can you ask for?

Respect others.
And I mean your mom too.
If you don't respect her I doubt you can to your opponent.
There are gong to be bad apples on the other side of play.
Just respect them...Nothing else.
But more importantly, trying to realize that MTG is not just a game against a stranger at a tournament....
It is a place where you meet to gain friendship.

But take this advice at caution.
For the MTG world is far different than reality.
And I am speaking a foreign tongue.

Those are my thoughts........


Shawn J. Houtsinger
The one and only,

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