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"Scrubs Corner": There is more to life than MTG...
By Shawn J. Houtsinger
Hello all,

Ever since I moved into an apartment with two roommates, MTG has changed. I don't play a regular game of constructed magic.
Sealed, booster draft, Pro-tour championship decks, and multi-player.
You see, my friend Shane doesn't have the best cards in the world so he found a better way of playing with crappy cards. Hence sealed.
If you were to walk into our apartment you would see roughly 1000 MTG cards lying around on the shelves or floor.
Any time he is ready to play a game, we just scoop some cards up, start to shuffle and then separate into piles of 10. We each take 8 piles and then contstuct a deck using as many basic lands as we want.
I must say I have improved my sealed deck skills dramatically even though I am a bettter MTG player than he is, he is far more skilled at sealed.
Anyway I wanted to get to another thought.

Lately, I have been trying to play anything but MTG.
I went to sundays tournament with a pile of blue deck. I played my regular rounds of MTG making top 4 but that wasn't the fun part.
I pulled out some regular poker cards. Everyone wanted to play some Black Jack.
Soon enough, bets of MTG cards were on the table. I was the house dealer.
All was grand.
I believe that sometimes you need to throw in things in the MTG scene or tournament to keep a fresh mind. I have in my backpack at all times the following:
1. Portable Chess board (one of those traveling magnetic kinds)
2. Poker Cards
3. Pad of paper and pen (doodling)
4. Dice (Go GO Gambling...)
5. A book (usually Carl Sagan)

Many times during PTQ's or Regionals, etc I would pull out one of my goodies during the rounds. To keep my mind OFF of MTG. Too much MTG on the brain can make you stale. YOu need to relax. Open those brain waves and imagination in all areas. It really helps, trust me...
You could say that sundays tournament wasn't even MTG playing but an activities time. I was spending most of my time talking to people, dealing poker during the side games, and creating choas of an atmosphere.

Now what can I bring next time? Hmmm, *Twister here we come....

Those are my thoughts. What do YOU think?


Shawn J. Houtsinger
The one and only,

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