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"Scrubs Corner":How to make MTG fun again....
By Shawn J. Houtsinger
Hello everyone,

Lets be honest, the sales in MTG have decreased, the PTQ's aren't as high in attendence, and the excitement level isn't there. So how can we improve this?

I think I have found a way to make MTG fun again, to make sure it doesn't die. Here is what I would do:

Let's start on the prices. $3.29 a pack? Are you kidding?! PLEEEASEEE...
I know WOTC is trying to get more money for numerous reasons. Understandable. But I believe that most kids aren't buying boxes because it costs more and more these days. If they could drop them below 3.00 a pack, I know more people would go out and buy twice as much. In addition, who wants to go out and buy those Pre-constructed decks? Not me.
Portal and Starter was a great start for beginners. The problem is that once they have those 'beginners' hooked, they realize the high cost. "OUCH, IT HURTS MOMMY" How can you build a deck with two boxes? Not really possible. Single sales are the main source for most shops that are making money OFF of WOTC. WOTC can combat this by dropping the prices of the packs. Why buy a pack when you can just go out and buy the card you want? Hmmmmmmmm..

Prizes at tournaments. There is no excuse for the horrible prizes at Regionals and PTQ's. NONE! I have the great pleasure of knowing the costs of boxes for WOTC. Let's just say they can afford to give out more than three boxes for Regionals. CHEEZZZ.
Why not widen the top spots? Top 16 get prizes. Hell, even if it is a pack, I know most players will stay and stick it out to get something out of a tournament that they have played in all day. This would also keep players around, who have lost a game or two, that would be heading home instead. That is a tough (and lucky) record to have to get to Top 8.

Let's stop banning cards in Type 1. We all know that Type 1 is a horrible format to play. Who has the upfront cash to deposit for the power cards? Or even the older cards? Not many. Did WOTC think that anyone was really worried about Type 1 having 4 Grim Monoliths, Mana Vaults, etc? I can barely find any players. What a waste of time......Unban those cards. Stop wasting time there.
Stop making over-powered cards that makes all others worthless. What do I mean? Now, you can drop a replenish or masticore and win games. WOW, what fun. It is time to reprint some of those fun cards. Bring back red. Incinerate, Ball of L. Bring back K. Outpost. Thawing Glaciers. Bring back Sylvan Library. How about even carnophage? How about land tax?
I want something back that will even the other powerful cards in the field. I want something that I will actually go out and buy a pack of 6th edition for a chance of a good card. PLEASE!

What do you think?


Shawn J. Houtsinger
The one and only,

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