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"Scrubs Corner": Are you a complete player?
By Shawn J. Houtsinger
Many times before a tournament I sit a table separate from everyone else.
One single table.
Waiting.....but for what?

Let me explain.
MTG is more than just sitting down and playing a card game.
Now this line I am going to cross is hard one.
The line between MTG and life. Some may agree and nod their head. "yeah that make sense"
Or you might go "What are you talking about?"

Sitting down and playing a game is easy.
But to be a complete player you need to be sucessful in more than MTG ,but in life also.
No? Don't think so?
Let me go on....
To be a GREAT player (which is the level I am presuming all want to get to) you need to be smart enough to understand the game.
To do that you have to have basic math skills
20 life
Taking damage;earning life.
Easy huh?
YOu also have to understand strategy.
When to play something, when to start 'attack mode' or to play defense.
The third part is pulling them all together and being able to comprhend and then transmit the information into a perfectly (or low error) played game.

To do all this you have to have intelligencce.
YOu need to educate yourself.
YOu need to be sucessful in life.
Be a good individual. Understand luck is sometimes on your side and others against you.
Have a good attitude.
It means more OUTSIDE the game to suceed than IN the game.
MIKE LONG is a good example. He might have some support from other players to suceed but not many. How many would congratulate him if he does win?
Not many.
He might be more suceeding in MTG if he did the things out in the REAL world.
Be a good individual.

Have you ever noticed that all the good players are all around COMPLETE people.
JON FINKEL. Goes to college. Is nice to others. Practices hard. Is humble.

So when I sit alone at my table every tournament, I wait......

for everyone to come to me.

That shows my sucess IN mtg but also in OUTSIDE in life.

You see, as people come by and sit by me, I have shown that a winner isn't someone who wins regionals, nationas,etc:
and then only hangs out with the top dogs from there on.
He doesn't stop acknowledging all the 'small people'
He doesn't even have to win any tournaments.

Because when its all said and done.
When the last card is played and the lights are out at that touranemnt or fun game.
The people that stay with you are the ones that respect you....
in EVERY way.


Shawn J. Houtsinger
The one and only,

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