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From the Shell 2- Winds, Pirates, and...
By Rob Myers
From the Shell 2:
Winds, Pirates, and Turbo-Casual(?)

Well, I warned you didn't I? (See my last article if you don't know what I've warned you about.)

Is it possible to break Winds? Preliminary research seems to suggest that it is. Now, I'd imagined the perfectly obvious Searing Wind deck, with that card plugged into a Wildfire-Temporal Aperture engine. I had further assumed that a proper Denying Wind deck would follow a similar pattern, with that wind in a Grim Monolith-Voltaic Key-Temporal Aperture engine. The strength of the mana engines is that they can be used both to power the aperture as well as to hard-cast the Winds when required.
When playing this deck, it is critical to it's success that -- each time you activate the Aperture -- you say in a game-show host voice, one of the following:
"I'll spin the wheel, Pat!"
"I'll take 10-point-burn for 5 mana, Alex!"
"Please, oh god please, let me get something besides another Mountain!"

Interestingly, however, a couple of other versions of Broken Wind decks have caught my attention. One is a monoblue Draw-Go style deck, featuring heavy control and Denying Wind, using Spiketail Drakes for the kill (although if I was seriously considering it, Morphling would be a better choice, would it not?). The other is a mana-engine hybrid that uses two or three each, of Searing and Denying Wind, sporting a kill with the opponent's creatures, via Treachery and/or Bribery. That version can also deck you or burn you out, whichever is the most convenient at the time.
These decks have an obvious weakness against the speedy Replenish and Bargain decks, as well as a real problem with permission decks. Hence, these are very early versions of a deck style that may or may not pan out. Strictly for fun and study, for the time being.
Sample decklists are at the end of the article.

Anyone who knows me as a Magic player is aware that I entered into a one-year moratorium on combo, nearly two years ago. This was brought on by the realization that my playing skills, other than with Rec-Sur, Living Death, or Palinchron decks, was suffering as a result of not interacting much with my opponents. I still do not play combo. Much. The Wind decks I've mentioned are still a bit combo-y for my tastes, as well, so I'm going to talk a little bit about another favorite deck type, Pirates. (Yup, decklist included.) Though I don't know who to credit with its invention, I first saw an example of this deck played by Rick "the Muse" Saunooke at a local tournament just after Mercadian Masques became legal for Standard.
The Rishadan Cutpurse and Footpad suggested (along with the Rishadan Brigand, early on) a kind of mana-denial deck, with card advantage gained by playing the "Pirates" while the opponent is unable to pay for their comes-into-play abilities. This new version takes further advantage of the opponent's mana shortage with cards like Rhystic Study and Ribbon Snake (which is Shock-proof). The mana-denial theme is supported with Tangle Wire, Boomerang, Withdraw, Mana Vapors and Mana Short, to keep the opponent down.
This deck can be loads of fun to play, but maybe a little bit boring for the continually mana-shy opponent
Did you know...

  • You can use your Withdraw to bounce an opponent's critter, and name one of your own as the target of the second effect...a great way to bounce away an annoying creature and re-use a pirate!
  • You don't have to draw a card from Rhystic Study if you don't want to (thanks, Istanbul!)
  • You can fertilize your lawn with used motor oil? .

    According to the current DCI database, I've played in over 700 tournaments in the last year -- most of them Prerelease Main Events. See, told you I was casual.

    That's it for this time, Turtle-lovers. See you whenever I get around to it again. (Who said this would be a regular thing? What do you think "Chaos Turtle" means, anyway?)


    Okay, fine.

    Hey, You Smell Somethin' burnin'? (a.k.a. Spinnnnnn the Wheel!)
    4 Searing Wind
    4 Temporal Aperture

    4 Thran Dynamo
    4 Grim Monolith
    4 Voltaic Key

    4 Shock
    4 Seal of Fire

    2 Keldon Firebombers
    4 Wildfire
    4 Pillage

    4 Ghitu Encampment
    4 Sandstone Needle
    14 Mountain

    Uh, Your hair's on fire...
    3 Denying Wind
    3 Searing Wind

    2 Latulla, Keldon Overseer

    3 Stroke of Genius
    3 Rhystic Study
    3 Treachery

    4 Counterspell
    3 Power Sink

    1 Fire Diamond
    1 Sky Diamond
    2 Thran Dynamo
    4 Grim Monolith
    4 Voltaic Key

    8 Mountain
    8 Island
    4 Faerie Conclave
    4 City of Brass

    Crazy-Spoon-Head (Rhystic Pirates, don't ask)
    4 Rishadan Cutpurse
    4 Rishadan Footpad
    4 Ribbon Snake

    3 Withdraw
    3 Boomerang

    4 Tangle Wire
    3 Mana Short
    3 Mana Vapors
    4 Rhystic Study

    4 Counterspell

    20 Island
    4 Rishadan Port
    sideboard (generic version)
    4 Chill
    4 Overburden
    4 Foil
    3 Hibernation

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