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View from the Commons Bin: Voodoo Magic
By Anthony Scott
I play against my very good friend Child of Gaea not quite as often as I'd like. We get together about once a week and beat on each other with various decks but I usually win.

This is not because I am a better player. Jaimie is just as good as I am. He probably has more cards than I do and is just as adept at making a really good deck. I look through his stuff and shake my head sometimes because I wonder why I didn't come up with this stuff or where the hell he got 4 Grim Monoliths. Jaimie and I are on an even keel as far as the aspects of Magic are concerned.

But I still usually beat him. I blame Voodoo.

Case in Point: The last time we got together, I had just put together a U/W Propageddon Deck (btw, Indentured Djinn and Armageddon is a killer combo) and Jaimie was playing his Sneak Attack Deck. My deck was pretty slow when I pretested it and Jaimie's was getting a third or fourth turn kill quite often. A third turn Serra Avatar is not a pretty sight. I should have been toast, right?

We sat down to play and I drew every card I needed. When I needed an Armageddon, there it was. When I needed that Wall of Tears, there it was. With Indentured Djinns and Serra Angels showing up on the board regularly, I was in good shape.

Jaimie couldn't have had more problems. If he had a Sneak, he didn't have a Monolith. Or he got land-screwed. Or he had nothing but his big creatures in his hand with no Sneak Attack anywhere. It wasn't pretty to watch and it must have been frustrating as all hell. I thought he was going to heave his deck across the room a couple of times.

This isn't a random occurance. We played in an extended tourney a while back. Jaimie and I were both doing pretty well and we had the same record. Of course, we ended up paired against each other. Jaime got land-screwed in both our games. He didn't get land-screwed once except when he played against me. It boggles my mind.

This phenomenon has occurred enough to make me wonder just what the hell is going on. I mean, it's not like I have a Circle of Protection: Jaimie or a Jaimie Ward cast on me. What causes this to happen?

I was the victim of such a curse at one time. My friend Matt, before he quit playing, was unbeatable to me but my other friend Paul beat him a lot. I beat on Paul quite a bit but I couldn't take Matt down. It was incredibly frustrating.

Some of you may be wondering just what my problem with this voodoo thing is. It must be great to win a lot, right? Wrong. I really don't like it at all. Imagine sitting across from one of your friends, watching them get land-screwed for the fifteenth time with a deck containing 24 lands. No matter how many times they shuffle they still get land-screwed. This has happened. Playing against someone of equal skill is great and I enjoy hanging out with Jaimie, I just wish I knew why he has such bad luck against me.

I remember wanting to choke Matt when his voodoo thing was working its magic on me. Jaimie's a big guy, I'd hate to have him want to choke me.

I remain
The Baron
Circle of Protection: Jaimie
1: prevent all damage from any source Jaimie controls.

"WTF!!! - Jaimie"

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