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Contest entry - Troublesome Spirit
By Eric Chima
First, it should be known I was booted off in the middle of writing this the first time, so it probably won't be as good as it was originally (I have an excuse if this deck stinks )

Anyway, I was looking through the Prophecy list and a couple cards intrigued me. One of them was Troublesome Spirit. Here's the deck:

The Haunted Well (my creativity is boundless)

4x Troublesome Spirit
4x Well of Life
4x Chimeric Idol
4x Rising Waters
2x Waterfront Bouncer
4x Ring of Gix
3x Snap
4x Eye of Ramos
3x Sky Diamond
2x Brainstorm
3x Counterspell
23x Island

Most of the deck works well with the Spirits. Well of Life will give you life every single turn since the Spirit will tap you out. The Idol's drawback is negligible because you're tapping out anyway. Many people have questioned the Rising Waters, because tapping out every turn means I can't gradually rebuild my mana. However, I don't need to. I use Rings to keep my opponent locked down while my creatures kill him. I discard cards I don't need to the Bouncers to keep the path clear, and use the Eyes and Diamonds to operate pretty smoothly. The Counterspells are just to slow him down early on, so feel free to use them right away on smaller threats; they aren't much use under the Spirit anyway. That's why there aren't very many of them.

This deck is very fun to play, and your opponents can get very angry when you're gaining tons of life each turn from multiple Wells, and they can't do a thing because of Rising Waters.

Have fun with it,

Eric Chima

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