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Multicolored Fun #2 (Thinking outside the box)
By Stuart Urback
I still havenít made the changes to my deck that I was thinking about, so in the interim I decided to play some more games.

Game 6:

This game really is two but Iím going to count it as one again because I played the same person. This game went really well because I had a consistent mana base and I could play all of the cards, except for the ones with red in them. And guess what I won both times! So only one change to make to the deck after these.


Game 7:

After playing another game against the same guy using a different deck, I won again! Although I donít remember too many of the details, he was playing a Honden deck, and my The deckís mana base is much more consistent but I feel like I either A having too much mana to use against a player or B, get stuck at 7 mana so I canít play Razia. I am unsure what to do. Maybe some more games will help.


Game 8:

The land base is fairly consistent, and is working nicely. I used Supply//Demand to get a Tibor and Lumia with a Pain Magnification in hand. That turn he played a Plaxcaster Frogling, while I then played Tibor and Lumia. He was playing some counterspell, as well as a Dryad Sohpisticate. I donít quite think this is a casual deck. Even though I lost because of a mistake I made. The deck still did better than I expected. I am not going to count this loss but it was a good learning experience. Make sure to check whether the effect happens when the card comes into play, or if it happens when you play the card.


Game 9:

I played two games with this guy, but I canít remember what happened in the first one. He was playing a funky version of Howling Owl with black instead of red, along with Underworld Dreams and Teferiís Box? I think. Anyway, that was basically the combo he used to beat me. Even though I came very close to beating him, my deck just couldnít put creatures out fast enough to beat it. This would be something to be solved in a sideboard, not something I think I need to change mainboard, because the deck went very much according to plan.

Game 10:

Well, this day just gets better and better. Without any deticated mass removal my deck gets blown over by a deck with basically 2 1/1ís, 2 2/2s, and 2 3/3ís that I canít do anything about. Sure, the 2/2ís are selesnya guildmages, and the 3/3ís are watchwolves, but I still should have something. I am not sure what to do. My deck definitely needs more dedicated removal, and the fact that I didnít draw a white mana source until my 6th mana with a mortify in my hand probably didnít help, but I still need something. I am still not going to make any changes yet, because I donít know what to change.


Game 11:

The guy I am playing said he built his deck just before so, I donít know what to expect. Even though I use a S//D to get out a Burning-Tree Shaman he kills it right away. Then I get out a Sky Hussar, and it seems like he has no answer to that. Well, even though he conceded, I still learned some valuable things from the game. Having the Journeyerís kites in the deck does little good to me, so I am going to take all of them out.


Well, since this is a good moment to do I am going to make some changes to the deck. Razia is too expensive and Vigean Intuition is too lonely to be of any use. Instead of them I am going to include one more signet, and hopefully both some answers as well as some more threats. Iím not so sure that the Frogling is worth keeping in my deck, as it serves no specific role in my deck, other than to be a 3/3 beater. As well, Dimir guildmage and Golgari guildmage serve no specific purpose in the deck. The main cards I use in the games are Hellhole Rats, Sky Hussar, Burning Tree Shaman, Supply//Demand, Mortify, and Pain Magnification when I get it.


Here are some major changes

3x Journeyerís Kite
1x Razia, Boros Archangel
1x Vigean Intuition
2x Golgari Guildmage
2x Dimir Guildmage
2x Congregation at Dawn
3x Frogling
Sadly, to make room for a Boros card, to stick to the theme, I have to get rid of:
1x Hellhole Rats
1x Sky Hussar

Hopefully, I can use the cards I am adding to get more consistency within the cards I need.

Many of these cards are being put in for testing

1x Pain Magnification
1x Anthem of Rakdos
2x Azorius First Wing
3x Putrefy
3x Assault Zeppelid
2x Consult the Necrosages
2x Psychic Drain
2x Sunhome Enforcer

Just to tell everyone out there, I am this close to considering put a Nephilim or two in my deck, but I am still not sure about it. Weíll see how the next few games go, and then make changes from there. I think these changes will help make my deck flow better.

Just as a note, I am going to make a Sideboard once I think this deck is complete, but not until then, when I can accurately judge what my deck is good and bad against.

Game 12

Well, this game I got mana screwed. I didnít have the right types of mana to play the cards I wanted. I made a few changes to the mana base. I wasnít getting the red mana or the blue mana that I needed. As well, during the game he had pro-black creatures out, and I got absolutely steamrolled.


Game 13

Ironically, after making those changes, I get mana flooded, and lose to paladin en-vec again. How fun. Oh, and I forgot to mention the part about how every single attacker I used got killed by a Devouring Light. The next game didnít start off too much better. Another mana flood, without the ability to play the cards I wanted to.


Game 14

Without consistent removal I donít have the ability to do anything spectacular because I keep getting pounded by small creatures before I ever have a chance. The other problem is that I just donít have enough red in the deck to make any abilities worthwile, in my red heavy deck. I realize I havenít been saying much about the last few games, but there really hasnít been much to say. The guy played a few creatures, I didnít have an answer, and was too mana-screwed to do anything about it, and I lost.

The two dimir cards, have really been a pain in the but, and the inability for them to make any game changing plays really ticks me off. I am going to do something momentus.

I am going to make some crazy changes to the deck, but just as a side note, if I donít like what I did, I am going to go back to the original deck, just incase.


1x Azorius First-Wing
1x Hellhole Rats
2x Consult the Necrosages
2x Assault Zeppelid
2x Psychic Drain
1x Sunhome Enforcer
2x Pain Magnification
2x Anthem of Rakdos
2x Rakdos Guildmage
1x Pillar of the Paruns


1x Mountain
1x Plains
2x Wrecking Ball
3x Congregation At Dawn
1x Ink-Treader Nephillim
1x Shambling Shell
1x Blind Hunter
1x Flame-Kin Zealot
1x Boros Guildmage
2x Odds//Ends
1xCircu Dimir Lobotomist

Game 15:

Well, to tell you the truth, I havenít been writing down all of the games I have been playing over the past few days, and the truth of the matter is that I have been playing tournament caliber decks, which is quite frustrating. The problem is that my deck isnít working too well against control decks with tons of counterspells that play huge fattys like Simic Sky Swallower. I donít know what to do. This game was one of complete agony. Always being very close but never quite getting there. I was playing against another Howling Owl deck. My deck worked pretty well, but the problem was he kept bouncing everything I was trying to play. In the end I lost, but it was just so frustrating.


Game 16:

I played a game against a non-standard astral slide deck.. Even though I am not sure he got the best hand, but anyway, I got threats on the board, as well as using bith Circu, and Tibor and Lumia. Even though they never hit anything, it is still nice to know that each of them can do some good work, when my deck is working well. Anyway, needless to say I won the game, which is my first win a while. The last few games have been against tournament caliber decks, and I have been getting discouraged, but this win encourages me all over again.


At this point I made a sideboard. Specifically against decks like Howling Owl which in my opinion are the easiest matchups for me to compete against.

I have to note that most of these games have been played against decks that arenít really casual decks. Surprisingly the deck fights longer than would be expected against other decks of the type.

As a side note, thank you for all of the feedback I have gotten. The next article I write will be the last one where I evolve this deck. I will see if I can move the win record over .500, if I can find more casual matches.

Anyway, thanks again.


Oh, and here's the decklist

2x Simic Signet
1x Rakdos Signet
1x Izzet Signet
1x Gruul Signet
1x Dimir Infiltrator
1x Flame-Kin Zealot
1x Blind Hunter
1x Shambling Shell
1x Tolsimir Wolfblood
1x Ink-Treder Nephilim
3x Congregation at Dawn
3x Odds//Ends
1x Circu, Dimir Lobotomist
2x Wrecking Ball
1x Rakdos Guildmage
1x Tibor and Lumia
1x Sunhome Enforcer
1x Assault Zeppelid
3x Putrefy
1x Azorius First-Wing
4x Supply//Demand
1x Hellhole Rats
1x Burning-Tree Shaman
1x Sky Hussar
3x Mortify
4x Swamp
3x Mountain
5x Plains
4x Island
4x Forest
3x Pillar of the Paruns

Sideboard (15):
1x Twisted Justice
1x Boros Guildmage
1x Gobhobbler Rats
1x Gruul Guildmage
1x Watchwolf
1x Orzhov Guildmage
1x Moroii
4x Brightflame
4x Trygon Predator

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