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Cards and Deck Ideas 4
By Alex Makhovykh
Hello everyone,
this is Alex, and welcome to yet another "Card and Deck Ideas" article, and today I bring you two decks. First, I chose to create a deck, that I believe is familiar to most of you- Control Black. I’ve created a deck, that plays very well, and maintains a good match against Replenish. The deck is type 2, includes prophecy, and is a lot of fun to play. Anyway, here goes:
"Thrashing Idols"
Masticore x3
Chimeric Idol x4
Grim Monolith x3
Bargaining Table x2
Powder Keg x2
Phyrexian Plaguelord x2
Thrashing Wumpus x2
Death Pit Offering x2
Rhystic Tutor x1
Stupor x3
Unmask x3
Yawgmoth’s Will x2
Duress x4
Dark Ritual x4
Vampiric Tutor x1
Rath’s Edge x1
Dust Bowl x2
Rishadan Port x4
Swamp x15

Thrashing Wumpus x1
Phyrexian Plaguelord x1
Ascendant Evincar x1
Unmask x1
Well of Knowledge x1
Well of Discovery x1
Yawgmoth’s Will x1
Vendetta x2
Defense Grid x1
Powder Keg x2
Spawning Pool x1
Persecute x1

Looking kinda weird? Let me explain.
First of all, Masticore is there for an obvious reason- a cheap, efficient creature removing, hard-to-kill, 4/4. Chimeric Idol is just awesome, I think I’ve made a mistake by not putting him in my top 10. He doesn’t die when you play Death Pit Offering, while he still gets a bonus from it as a creature, and is a 3/3 for 3 mana. Grim Monolith is there to speed up your deck, and bring out biggies faster. Bargaining Table is there because of the many hand destruction spell that you pack- Duress, Unmask, and Stupor. Powder Keg is against weenies, Tinker decks, and Animated lands. Phyrexian Plaguelord is not that bad by itself, as a 4/4 for only 5 mana, but can also give an opposing creature -4/-4. Thrashing Wumpus is a great control card. You can usually remove any small creatures for 2 mana, and then attack with your own creature. He becomes even better when you have Death Pit Offering in play. Death Pit offering, is there because you don’t have that many creatures, but you wanna make sure that the ones you have will survive combat. Also, not only does it beef up your creatures by a lot, it doesn’t kill Chimeric Idol! That mean that after youp lay this card, you can activate your Chimeric Idol, and attack for 5, which is really good. I put in one Rhystic Tutor, and one Vampiric Tutor to fetch cards when they are needed. Stupor is one of the best hand destruction spell there is. Unmask works well against fast decks and combo decks. Yawgmoth’s Will lets you do it all over again - cast Dark Rituals, Duresses, Stupors, and lost creatures. Dark Ritual is there for an obvious reason, to speed the deck up. Rath’s Edge is there against Thermal Glider, and other creatures with protection from black. Dust Bowl is there for a continuous land destruction for lands such as Gaea’s Cradle. Rishadan Port is there to lock down fast decks, or combo decks, while you take control of the game. And I don’t think I have to explain Swamps. ;-) Now for the sideboard. The Thrashing Wumpus is there for more creature control, and so is the Phyrexian Plaguelord. Ascendant Evincar is against stampy, sligh, and such, and also boosts up your black creatures. The extra Unmask is there if you’re playing against a very fast combo deck, like replenish or bargain, as it helps you to remove a key card out of opponent’s hand. Well of Knowledge is there against slower decks, as it allows you to tap out and draw a card, gaining a big card advantage, while Well of Life, is there against decks that are faster and deal damage fast, as it nets you two life each turn for tapping out. Yawgmoth’s Will is there allowing you to be able to replay your discard spells against faster decks. Vendettas are against Masticore, Weenies, Man-lands, and such. Defense Grid is against counter control, and the two extra Powder kegs, are there against any creature or artifact decks. Spawning Pool is a good regenerating blocker, and also boosts your mana ratio. And finally persecute is there against mono colored decks, and if you cast it early on, it will usually win the game for you.

If you alter this deck, you might want to consider putting creature removal spells right into your main deck, as most of the decks play with creatures. Creature removal spells that I suggest are: Snuff out, Vendetta, Vicious Hunger, and Seal of Doom. You might also consider putting in more tutors to help you search your library for that card you need at the time, and Persecute in the sideboard, if you know you’re going to play against a lot of mono-color decks. Other fine sideboard/main deck cards include: Engineered Plague, Rapid Decay, more creature removal, Avatar of Woe(this one’s for you arhar), Attrition, Bone Shredder, Claws of Gix, Corrupt, Coercion, Eradicate, Greel, Mind Raker, Phyrexian Negator, Skittering Skirge/Horror, and perhaps even Hecatomb. But always remember, this is a control deck, so always, stay in control.

Now, I bring you my other creation, a deck that I made while trying to find something that would be original in extended. Anyway, I focused on removal and weenies to pound opponent. Anyway, trying to be creative, I made a two color green/white deck that I call: um… um… My…. Green/white control. Yeah, that works. ;-). Anyway, the deck is probably a bunch of junk, but I want to know what you people think about it.

Cursed Scroll x4
Mox Diamond x4
River Boa x4
Hunted Wumpus x4
Rancor x4
Aura of Silence x4
Land Grant x4
Tithe x3
Disenchant x4
Swords to Plowshares x3
Giant Growth x2
Plains x6
Forest x6
Treetop Village x4
Savannah x4

Phyrexian Furnace x2
Light of Day x1
Enlightened Tutor x3
Jester’s Cap x1
Masticore x1
Choke x1
Karma x1
Swords to Plowshares x1
Null Brooch x1
Null Rod x2
Ivory Mask x1

This deck was actually designed to battle more powerful decks in extended, such as Trix, Cocoa-Pebbles, CounterOath, RecSur, and such. It includes a lot of Artifact and Enchantment removal, in the form of Disenchant and Aura of Silence. It also has some creature removal- Swords to Plowshares and Cursed Scroll, which also acts as a damage source to the player. There is a potent mana supply that’ll make sure you have lands available- Land Grant and Tithe. Giant Growth is there mostly for the final blow, and I think we all know why Rancor’s there. ;-) I decided to go with River Boa and Hunted Wumpus as my only creature offense, if you don’t count the 4 Treetop Villages. Mox Diamonds are there to speed up, and take advantage of the lands that you’ll be getting with Tithe and land Grant. Finally, there are as I said 4 Treetop Villages for offense and green mana, 6 of each plain and forests, and 4 Savannas that act as both. Simple looking deck should performs fairly well- I didn’t playtest it much. As for the sideboard, there are 2 Phyrexian Furnaces against RecSur, or CounterOath, Swords to Plowshares as an extra creature removal, Light of Day aganst Suicide Black, Jester’s Cap against combo decks, Masticore for obvious reasons, Chocke against counter decks, such as Ophidian, Karma against once again Suicide Black, Null Brooch against fast decks tat rely on a big combo to set up the lock, Null Rod against Tinker, an Ivory Mask against Necro, and 3 Enlightened Tutors to fetch any of the above.

Well people, do what you gotta do- try and test the decks, alter them, change them in any way, and leave me comment on what you think. Till next time, this is Alex,
play well.

"Hatred outlives the hateful."
Alex, Empresser of Squirrels
a.k.a Superguy

P.S. sorry for not recognizing the power of Rhystic Tutor in my last article. It should be at least number 8 or 7. For some not-so-apparent reason I forgot about it. Forgive me.

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