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"Scrubs Corner": Ramblings.........
By Shawn J. Houtsinger
Dear Magic friends,

I have been thinking lately... on how Magic: The Gathering has changed. I think I have enough expierence in Magic to validify my views. For the past 5 years, Magic has been a great game to me,unfortunately I am growing out of least I think I am.
Why do I sound confused?

Well, I have done what most Magic players do. Quit Magic. Several times. Then restart Magic. Can't shake it. Like a bad dream or drug addiction. No matter what I do, I can't stop wanting to come back and show everyone I can play. Some sort of drive inside; a fire. It is alot different than chess. I can play chess with the same fiery and drive as I do Magic but I dont' care if I am a good chess player. Why?

I think it is the aspect that you have luck on your side. I like luck. Give me the chance to take down good players regardless of their deck. However, in chess, luck isn't there. It is called a mistake; the players. Not the deck, but the player. From there you can find your way through his mistake to a victory. Chess is a calculated math game where whoever goes first should (mathematically) win. For example, if two computers played each other, the one that goes first will always win since it is all math. However, if a human and a player play, the computer (know proven) will win by pure math. Why? The human cannot do the math as fast as the computer nor retain it all as well. In Magic it is not all math, necessarily. There is no "correct" play. Only in the minds of those playing it and what the opponent is holding or has played.
Sure I like luck. But when it comes to it, luck is what makes me lose. Sometimes I lose to bad luck and sometimes I win to good luck. Simple huh? I don't regret that aspect of the game. So when did I lose the flow for the game? It seems the current environment with creatures don't really matter at all. There are so many viable options to winning that playing a good long game isn't there. Speed, or combo. Sure there is control but barely clinging on till the next set. I know the variety of style of decks aren't there like they used to be. But I am not complaining, I will state that now. Just a recollection of previous treasured moments now being over-ridden by horrible present times.

Some players like the idea of change. I do too,but to a point. There was NOTHING wrong with MTG before. I know I am another ranting individual behind a computer that matters nothing to lose playing right now.
I realize my shouts hit the fan and float... away. So why is it getting harder? College takes up most of my time. I don't have the money to keep up. I don't have the time to keep up with all those who do and get to practice. No time for tournaments that are badly scheduled or horribly time managed and go for the whole day when it should only be half. I know everyone has heard this before.
Oh well... *sigh*. Life goes on.

So what is my letter about? My love for the game when I had all the things above:
The trash-talking. Staying up late the night before for PTQ's,or Regionals,etc. All the caffeine and candy consumed in order to play.
The endless hours spent with my friends playng "Great Library" or multi-player. I might say I found good friends throught this game. Hell, if they could deal with me during the games, I give them all the credit in the world. But, *sigh* all's well that ends well.

I would hate to leave but I am in no position to choose. If I could affored the trip to Chicago, and the fee, the time off of work, the hours practicing, the cards needed, etc. See what I mean?

I now love to help out with rulings and create decks and hope for another copy of me out there, give some fun to the game as I once had. Time will tell.

But, maybe I have been thinking too much lately. We'll see....


Shawn J. Houtsinger
The one and only,

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