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Lamb Chop Combo Platter
By Bill Brown
This is the tale of one of the cards that helped me understand the game of Magic, and a very convoluted combo built around it.

I was introduced into playing Magic by my roommate. He was fairly old school and had a decent collection and introduced me to the game by making me a basic Tim deck. I don’t remember everything that was in it, but it focused around Tim enchanted by Instill Energy. There was also a Force (Freak) of Nature and a Cockatrice in there for their flash value. (Come to think of it, I should try to re-build that deck, the more I remember it, the better I realize it was.) Anyway, he would let me go through his collection and modify the deck, but as with all of us who have gotten a taste of Cardboard Crack, I wanted some cards of my own.
I was not quite ready to venture into the dark and slightly scary world of “The Game Store” to fuel my new addiction, so I decided to venture into an older addiction... eBay. I would very easily come across a lot of 100 cards of a certain color for generally around 5 bucks. Now given that my first exposure to the game was a Green/Blue deck, those were the colors I bought more often than not. It was in one of those purchases that I came across one of the weirdest creatures I had ever seen... Ovinomancer. I would read the text over and over and while I kind of understood what was going on, it was still a bit of a mystery. Now I could never see myself actually playing this card. After all, you had to return three lands to your hand when it came into play... What kind of a nut would do that? But it did say “Destroy Target Creature” on it, so I would often think about including him in the 80 card monstrosities I would be building.

One day I was flipping through my cards, and there he was, the old Wizard looking up at me. But this time I really looked behind him at the other creature in the picture... and I got it... I knew what the ability meant... He turned creatures into Sheep! HA! Now, of course, many of you are probably saying, “Well of course he turns them into sheep! That was frickin’ obvious... Noob!” But that was the point, I was a Noob. (Oh God, I just wrote Noob into an article... twice... I feel dirty.) It was at that moment, looking at the funny wizard zapping the soldier behind him into a sheep, that I think I really started to understand the game.
Now of course, Ovinomancer is so annoyingly complicated that I have never really used him in a deck for anything more than nostalgia. Of course, for a combo building contest, he seems like just the right candidate.

This combo doesn’t really win you the game on its own, so I added in a few spells at the end to help with that, but it can all be done in one turn.
Here is the game situation:
Your opponent has any number of creatures in play, and for the sake of argument his hand is empty and is tapped out.
You have threshold (7 cards in your graveyard) and the following cards in play:
Krosan Restorer enchanted with Freed From the Real, Fervor, Equilibrium, Mana Echoes, 2 Forests enchanted with Fertile Ground, 2 Forests and an Island
In your hand you have:
Ovinomancer, Wail of the Nim, Enrage and 2 Elvish Pioneer
Using that list I will bet a few of you can guess the basic idea. You repeatedly use the Ovinomancer to make their creatures 0/1; entwined Wail of the Nim kills the creatures, Enrage pumps up the Ovinomancer to attack for the Kill. Equilibruim, Mana Echoes and the Pioneers get your Lands back into play, Fervor gives Haste for tapping and attacking and the enchanted Restorer gives more mana from untapping the enchanted Lands.

Here is a more detailed outline:
Cast Ovinomancer with the Forests and Island, and return them to your hand. Tap and return the Ovinomancer to your hand to turn a creature into a Sheep. Then using the “Fertile Forest A” for GG, cast an Elvish Pioneer and put one of the lands back into play, Mana Echoes will create 1 mana (Pioneer & Restorer are both Druids.) Use the extra 1G to cast the other Pioneer and return the first to your hand using Equilibium. Use the other Fertile Forest for GU to cast the first Pioneer again and put the final land into play, Tap the Restorer to untap the enchanted lands and the Island and use the extra U to untap the Restorer. Now your board should have the same original cards in play plus an Elvish Pioneer. Use the basic and enchanted lands to re-start the cycle until all of the opposing creatures are 0/1 Green Sheep tokens.
Use the enchanted lands to cast an Entwined Wail of the Nim, your creatures regenerate, theirs are destroyed. Use the Restorer, enchanted lands and Island to create something like 24R, cast Enrage on Ovinomancer and attack...

I tried for a Decklist, but this combo uses 17 cards (including copies and Lands) spanning 4 out of 5 colors. Though to get Threshold I am sure we could put One With Nothing in there...
I am willing to bet that this combo can be made more complicated, but I don’t think I could come up with it without my brain exploding. I think I heard a pop when I noticed that I forgot that you had to pay 1 for Equilibrium to work. But I will bet the swelling went down when I remembered Mana Echoes and saw that the Restorer and Pioneer were both Druids. So that is my combo platter... no egg rolls, but apparently a nice serving of Lamb... (a bad joke, again, I feel dirty.)

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