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The Winning Combination: Last Call
By Eric Turgeon
Well, it's the end of the month, so you know what that means: It's time to wrap up this contest and find out who had the winning combination. Here's a brief summary for those who missed it:

Theme: The craziest, most complex combo you can devise
Judging Criteria
-Complexity of the combo
-Power of the combo
-Originality of the combo
-Writing style

-Minimum of 1000 words
-Submit to me by email by today, March 31st
-Each combo piece must be necessary for the success of the combo

-1st Prize Your choice of one card out of the nine listed below:
Cranial Extraction !
Exalted Angel !
Blinkmoth Nexus !
Goblin Sharpshooter !
Extraplanar Lens ! (Foil !!!)
Furnace of Rath ! (Foil !!!)
Scalpelexis ! (Foil !!!)
Pulse of the Forge ! (Foil !!!)
Silent Specter ! (Foil !!!)
(*Note: Cards do not include extra exclamation points.)

But what's that you say? You say that you completely forgot about the contest and now you're kicking yourself for possibly missing out on the chance to have your very own Foil Silent Specter? Well, don't worry because there is still time. I'm going to begin reviewing all of the entries at the beginning of next week and hopefully start posting the best articles starting Monday, April 10th. Until then, you still have time to sneak an entry under my door. (What can I say? I like my guidelines like I like my women: Loose.)

So open up Gatherer, pull out your card boxes or do whatever it is you have to do to get that entry in. And soon, you may be able to claim youself as the inventor of the greatest Magic combo in the world!

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