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Prophecy Top 10
By Alex Makhovykh
Hey everyone! This is Alex again, with yet another article. This time I thought that instead of ideas and such, I’ll come up with a top 10 list for this set. And I need you people to vote, what are the best cards for each color? As my articles move along I’ll get top 5 for each color. Now, about the top 10 for the whole set, I don’t know about you people, but I made mine:
10. Avatar of Woe: This is one killer card in multiplayer. But even in normal Magic, this card rules. Even if you there aren’t 10 creatures in all graveyards this card is good. An early Grim Monolith and a Dark Ritual soon after, can get this baby into play. 6/5 with fear and tap, destroy target creature. It can’t regenerate. AMAZING.
9. Rethink: A new counterspell. Correction, a new good counterspell! This card is wicked! Splasheable into multicolored decks, 3 mana cost, and will counter almost any spell! Worthy of a mono-blue deck too, as it I the only counterspell in current standard for 3 mana. Cool card.
8. Revielle Squad: Rebel decks, unite! You can now tap out each turn by searching for your buddy rebels, and not be afraid of getting stomped in by those lousy squirrels, moggs, or dogs. Opponent attacks you- whoops, you untap, got some spare mana left, search for more rebels, block, kill attackers, etc. And he’s a rebel too!
7. Latulla, Keldon Overseer: this woman is a fireball machine! Put a couple of Squee’s in your deck , direct damage, and Flowstone Overseer, and you’ll burn your opponent sooo fast! If you get this lady into play, your opponent will be begging for mercy soon. Trust me. ;-)
6. Squirrel Wrangler: Squirrels. A lot of Squirrels. TONS OF SQUIRRELS!!! ;-) With green’s fast creature mana, sacrificing the lands shouldn’t really hurt you that much, but it will sure make your squirrels production and boost go up! Tokens!!! More tokens!!! Soooo Goood…… Especially with Planar Birth. Mmmm…. unprocessed fish sticks…
5. Avatar of Will: This is the one avatar that is perhaps the weakest overall, but is easiest to get into play. Opponent having no cards in hand? That shouldn’t be a problem for blue, as it can counter spell, set up solid defense, and then play this monstrosity. Mahamoti Djinn for 2 mana? Yep. Especially useful with Parallax Nexus.
4. Mageta, the Lion: This big boy kills all of the creatures for 2 cards and 4 mana, as much as you want. He even stays alive during after that! He gives control decks extra time to set up defense or some early damage. Activate it at the end of your opponents turn, then attack with him during your turn. A Wrath of God spellshaper: what more can I say?
3. Abolish: Perhaps the most versatile card in the set. Disenchant- we all know how cool that card was/is, it’s been used ever since the early days of Magic. This card gives you even more- its not as splashable, but will definitelly be used a lot in Extended. I simply love this card- a Disenchant with an alternative casting cost, while not being that bad all by itself- Disenchant for 3 mana. Very cool.
2. Foil: Ohhh baby…… Force of Will is back baby!!! For all you control freaks out there, you should no longer be scared of facing a first turn ritualed Negator! Oh man, this card is amazing! A freee counterspell at last! Tired of the lack of counterspells in the current standard environment? Well, say hello to Foil, perhaps the best counter since Force of Will. Of course it costs 2 cards to discard to play it for free. However, there are three things to consider: You don’t have to pay it’s alternative cost later in the game, you can counter spells when you are tapped out, and you can play this spell to stop your opponent very early on, which can sometimes win you the game!
1. Jolrael, Empress of Beasts: We are on the top of the chart, and here’s the card that is a total BOMB in this set!!! Jolrael can be brought into play early on, seeing how it is in the green- the color of mana-producing creatures, which also means that you won’t even have to tap any land to turn all of your lands into 3/3 beasts. Then, for example, use your Stampede Driver to give your creatures even more juice, and attack for the win. There are also neat tricks that can be done by animating your opponents land and then casting Wrath of God or Powder Keg. This card beats it all.

Cards that almost made it: Excise, Greel, Mind Raker, Shield Dancer, Citadel of Pain, Rhystic Tutor, Darba, Spitting Spider, Well of Discovery, Chimeric Idol, Mungha Wurm, Mirror Strike, Silt Crawler, Rhystic Lightning, Rhystic Scrying.

Now I need your opinion people! Tell me your favorite cards, combos, how you like prophecy, and anything else, I will appreciate it very much!
Till next time,
Alex, Empresser of Squirrels
a.k.a Superguy

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