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Article Name Author Date
"Back to Basics" Keith Ouellette January 8, 2001
   "if you happen to have individually solid cards that happen to "Voltron" into PURE SWEET LUBIN', then by all means give u"
"Bridge" or Creatureless Discard Primer Oscar Tan aka Rakso May 2, 2001
"Budget Deckbuilding in Type I" Primer Oscar Tan aka Rakso April 25, 2001
"Scrub Corner": You don't need rares to win...... Shawn J. Houtsinger July 27, 2000
   "Let me explain."
"Scrub's Corner": Cheating and Etiquette Shawn J. Houtsinger December 6, 2000
   "There is nothing more vital to card play than a fair game. Along with that is a good line of communication and good sportsman"
"Scrubs Corner": Shawn J. Houtsinger January 27, 2004
   " eat my own hat.* Spiritmonger is possible main"
"Scrubs Corner": PTQ Indianapolis, Ind Shawn J. Houtsinger November 28, 2000
   "I have great confidence in playing ANY deck as long as I don't build it"
"Scrubs Corner": What I would say...... Shawn J. Houtsinger July 22, 2000
   "If I could offer one piece of advice to the younger MTG kids, this is what I would say"
"Scrubs Corner": 'Pointless' Article No.2 Shawn J. Houtsinger December 4, 2003
   "I had to order Contract From Below on Ebay..."
"Scrubs Corner": A look at extended for 2000-2001 Shawn J. Houtsinger November 14, 2000
   "Let me show you the decks that will probably be played."
"Scrubs Corner": A look at life,mtg, etc.... Shawn J. Houtsinger November 21, 2000
   "I enjoyed talking about topics of current events all the way to smelly mtg players"
"Scrubs Corner": And the world turns... Shawn J. Houtsinger November 15, 2002
   "I wanted, right off from the start, talk about one of most 'casual players' I know."
"Scrubs Corner": Are you a complete player? Shawn J. Houtsinger June 19, 2000
   "MTG is more than just sitting down and playing a card game."
"Scrubs Corner": Cheating and Etiquette Shawn J. Houtsinger August 19, 2002
   "Let me give you an example of what they might have thought was cheating. Since this word can be used so vaguely, I want to really stress what makes a cheater and what cheating IS."
"Scrubs Corner": Deck Construction P2 Shawn J. Houtsinger November 5, 2000
   "What to play at States?"
"Scrubs Corner": Etiquette in Competition Shawn J. Houtsinger September 17, 2002
   "We both agreed that it is always more fun to play at the lower tables because you can relax, and just flipping cards around is good times. The people seem more civil."
"Scrubs Corner": I am only good as those around me Shawn J. Houtsinger February 18, 2004
   "Even Kai Budde himself surely had friends that would point out his mistakes in MTG."
"Scrubs Corner": Listen to the little man... Shawn J. Houtsinger December 11, 2003
   "I want to know the bad plays, the errors, the mistakes in the game or sideboarding."
"Scrubs Corner": Marty Amacher's JSS Report-1st! Shawn J. Houtsinger February 26, 2004
   "Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you: Houts eating his words."
"Scrubs Corner": Mission-PTQ! Extended "The Rock" Shawn J. Houtsinger December 16, 2003
   "Deranged Hermit+Plaguelord?: Has anyone thought about this old school combo?"
"Scrubs Corner": OBC--Worst format ever! Shawn J. Houtsinger August 12, 2002
   "If you don't play Black Control, U/G, or G/W you can just throw your money into the fire now."
"Scrubs Corner": Playing the Role Shawn J. Houtsinger February 2, 2004
   "I thought I could live from the attack..."
"Scrubs Corner": PTQ Chicago attempt;Part 1:GENCON Shawn J. Houtsinger August 24, 2000
   "I went out and started my attempt at qualifying for Pro Tour Chicago."
"Scrubs Corner": Ramblings......... Shawn J. Houtsinger June 12, 2000
   "But, maybe I have been thinking too much lately. We'll see...."
"Scrubs Corner": Sometimes I don't want to play... Shawn J. Houtsinger September 6, 2000
   "Maybe it is a love-hate relationship."
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