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Article Name Author Date
Type Fun's Overburden Stephen O. Bahl September 17, 2009
   "And they won't see it coming until it's too late."
Type Fun's The Fluctuator Stephen O. Bahl September 14, 2009
   "The Fluctuator can be so simple that it can be piloted by an algorithm or flowchart."
Type Fun's Pattern of Rebirth and Reveillark Stephen O. Bahl September 10, 2009
   "Any other creature small enough for Reveillark to bring it back can also hop on for the ride."
Type Fun's Academy Rector Stephen O. Bahl September 8, 2009
   "There is one card that stands out above all others when it comes to comboing with Academy Rector. And that is Cabal Therapy."
Type Fun's ProsBloom Stephen O. Bahl September 3, 2009
   "After Fluctuator, it's probably one of the best decks for n00bs to combo to play."
Type Fun's Dream Halls Stephen O. Bahl August 31, 2009
   "The deck has to be able to function up to the point when it gets Dream Halls in play."
Ransac's Journal: Second Ultimate Draft Pt. 2 Mark "Ransac" Wanich July 30, 2008
   "I'm not going to lie and say that I don't smile a little inside every time I see a player misdraft, but the primary goal of this draft is STILL for us to have fun with each other."
Wheeling and Dealing 4: Red Jonah Swersey July 21, 2008
   "It plays IRONCLAW ORCS."
Ransac's Journal: Second Ultimate Draft Pt. 1 Mark "Ransac" Wanich July 16, 2008
   "there's a lesson! Never reveal what picks you're thinking about!!"
Wheeling and Dealing 3: Green Jonah Swersey July 7, 2008
Wheeling and Dealing 2: White Jonah Swersey July 2, 2008
   "White protects, serves, and is good with friends."
Wheeling and Dealing 1: Blue Jonah Swersey June 23, 2008
   "its lack of efficient creatures is disturbing."
Dear Diary, Chapter Four Jonah Steven Swersey May 27, 2008
   "That was so totally a Monty Python rip-off"
Dear Diary, Chapter Three jonah Swersey April 21, 2008
20-Point Fireball: Dark Edition Eric Turgeon April 16, 2008
   "If banding and rampage were combined into one mechanic, would it be called bandage?"
Dear Diary, Chapter Two Jonah Swersey April 14, 2008
   "The last thing that he saw was a glowing red infinity symbol and a third eye of a massive monster."
Dear Diary, Chapter One Jonah Swersey April 7, 2008
   "'You just killed that little girl!' 'Little girl? Look again...'"
What to Buy for the Budget-challenged, Part one Jonah Swersey March 21, 2008
   "Wow, I could pop a card worth $1200!" Then again, you could pop a 3/3 red flyer for four mana in your rare slot!"
Deck Construction: What to Add Peter Florijn March 19, 2008
   "Thing from the Deep - All I have to say here is that I absolutely adore the name"
Acquirement Possibilitys for the Budget-Challenged Jonah Swersey March 13, 2008
   "The kiddies are astonished and happy to see that they can get four boosters from you for the same money that would've bought them three at the corner store."
Deck Building for the Budget-Challenged Jonah Swersey March 7, 2008
   "Say hello to Rogues"
The Manabase Peter Florijn March 5, 2008
   "The five Onslaught fetchlands are arguably the best lands in the entire game"
Staying Ahead of the Mana Curve Eric Turgeon March 3, 2008
   "Anyone who's ever played Magic understands what it means to get mana screwed"
Mana fixing for the budgetally challenged Jonah Swersey February 28, 2008
   "'mana fixing for dummies'"
Light Casual Eric Turgeon September 4, 2007
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