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Article Name Author Date
The Aftermath of the Adkison Interview Tom Bergmann July 22, 2000
   "We have to understand that the world can only be grasped by action, not by contemplation."
"Scrubs Corner": What I would say...... Shawn J. Houtsinger July 22, 2000
   "If I could offer one piece of advice to the younger MTG kids, this is what I would say"
"Scrubs Corner": There is more to life than MTG... Shawn J. Houtsinger July 14, 2000
   "Lately, I have been trying to play anything but MTG"
Patience Tom Bergmann July 10, 2000
   "...And we are nothing if not patient."
"Scrubs Corner":How to make MTG fun again.... Shawn J. Houtsinger June 29, 2000
   ""I think I have found a way to make MTG fun again, to make sure it doesn't die""
"Scrubs Corner": Are you a complete player? Shawn J. Houtsinger June 19, 2000
   "MTG is more than just sitting down and playing a card game."
From the Shell 2- Winds, Pirates, and... Rob Myers June 19, 2000
   "Is it possible to break Winds? Preliminary research seems to suggest that it is."
The Journey Tom Bergmann June 17, 2000
   "..that's what Magic SHOULD be about - getting together with a few...friends and having a good time.."
Cards and Deck Ideas 4 Alex Makhovykh June 12, 2000
   " I bring you two decks."
"Scrubs Corner": Ramblings......... Shawn J. Houtsinger June 12, 2000
   "But, maybe I have been thinking too much lately. We'll see...."
Being There Tom Bergmann June 7, 2000
   "A real rollercoaster kind of week..."
Fear Tom Bergmann May 25, 2000
   "Isn't that what The Magic Jackal accused us of feeling, in one of his first posts to the board?"
The Voting Booth Tom Bergmann May 18, 2000
   "See you in the Voting Booth..."
View From The Commons Bin Anthony Scott May 15, 2000
   "Where else can you beat your opponent to death with an Unholy Strengthened Chub Toad?"
Sacrifices Tom Bergmann May 9, 2000
   "in the long run they'd make more by keeping people in the fold longer..."
Cards and Deck Ideas Alex Makhovykh May 1, 2000
   "My articles will mostly be on card reviews, new deck types..."
Deja Vu Tom Bergmann April 29, 2000
   "Kevin Chen decided to call us out for thinking we could form an alliance of casual players."
Finding the Path Tom Bergmann April 21, 2000
   "Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them."
View From the Commons Bin: Revival Anthony Scott April 15, 2000
   "Has the Casual Player's Alliance lost its focus?"
Utopia Lost Tom Bergmann April 11, 2000
   "But a funny thing happened on the way to Utopia..."
View from the Commons Bin: Voodoo Magic Anthony Scott March 31, 2000
   "I mean, it's not like I have a Circle of Protection: Jaimie or a Jaimie Ward cast on me."
Casual Deck Tech Tom Bergmann March 28, 2000
   "Keeping it fresh and lively without repeatedly hammering away at the same old subjects is getting to"
Retraction/Apprentice Appreciation Tom Bergmann March 22, 2000
   "Hmmm. This seems like a good spot for a shameless Apprentice plug."
Justice? Tom Bergmann March 14, 2000
   "See, I went to that other site a few days ago. You know the one. It's where most of us first met. Yo"
The Social Aspect of Magic Tom Bergmann March 8, 2000
   "Are we there yet?"
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