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Article Name Author Date
Humility/Prayer Primer Oscar Tan aka Rakso May 16, 2001
   "Humility/Prayer decks are designed to to create a "soft lock" againstall creature decks. Humility strips creatures of their abilities and limits their power to 1, while the Prayer gives you back one l"
T2 Tourney Michael Groves May 9, 2001
Deck Parfait Primer Oscar Tan aka Rakso May 9, 2001
   "Introducing Deck Parfait, a relatively cheap Type I mono-white control deck based on the powerful Land Tax / Scroll Rack combo. It is the result of about a year and a half of playtest and the most rec"
"Bridge" or Creatureless Discard Primer Oscar Tan aka Rakso May 2, 2001
"Budget Deckbuilding in Type I" Primer Oscar Tan aka Rakso April 25, 2001
Cheez Parodeez #1 New and Improved Andrew "Bob" Woehrel April 21, 2001
Zoo Primer Oscar Tan aka Rakso April 18, 2001
   "The Zoo deck is not a new concept. The deck has its roots in the very earliest days of Magic, when the limited card pool only really allowed fast creature or direct damage decks as reliable winners."
Sligh Primer Oscar Tan aka Rakso April 13, 2001
Meridianmagic Deathmatch: WotC vs Microsoft! Oscar Tan aka Rakso April 10, 2001
Stompy and Mono Green's beginner Primer Oscar Tan aka Rakso April 5, 2001
Revised Beyond Dominia Draw-Go Primer Oscar Tan aka Rakso April 4, 2001
   "The main purpose of this Primer is to demonstrate the intelligent use of counters to newer players..."
A community question: Don't we care? Jonathan Linneman March 29, 2001
So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish Aaron "Istanbul" Swersky March 21, 2001
   "When I first started playing [i]Magic[/i], I did what I do with every hobby I have. I swore that if it ever got to the point where it wasn't fun anymore, I would quit."
The Road To Tourneyland: A New Golden Age Mark Ortego March 21, 2001
   "Sometime just after this past Christmas Holiday Season, a number of my students have either started playing [i]Magic [/i] again, or are trying it for the first time."
Precious Commons Alex Makhovykh March 17, 2001
All In A Moment... March 17, 2001
Five Color in Detroit! Kurtis "Fat Man" Hahn March 7, 2001
   "...this Grand Prix event will have something for the casual player, the fun player...the 5 Color player."
Beyond Dominia's Hatred Primer Oscar Tan aka Rakso March 3, 2001
View From the Commons Bin Anthony Scott February 23, 2001
   "I had no one to play [i]Magic[/i] with anymore so I gave it up, packed up my Chub Toads and Mox Diamonds (don't ask) and put my cards away in my closet with no intention of ever touching them again."
The Orgg's Treatise on: The Planeshift Pre-Release Jensen Bohren February 10, 2001
   "I ask Sol Malka his opinions on the set. He answers with one word: "Strong." I ask him his thoughts on how to abuse the immense power of Goblin Game. He says to start a fire with them."
Planeshift Prerelease: Shiny hippos! Eric "Apollo" Chima February 3, 2001
   "Well, there was the part of the game when I was doing good. And then there was the part of the game where he cast Void."
Dark Crusade Contest Rob Myers January 31, 2001
5 Color and Planeshift Kurtis Hahn January 30, 2001
The Road to Tourneyland: Planeshift Mark Ortego January 29, 2001
   "Here are some notables I passed up for the main deck: BREATH OF DARIGAAZ! Man, do I have to start reading the cards better!"
Chaos Turtle's Planeshift PreRelease Preview!THREE Rob Myers January 26, 2001
   "The multicolor cards offer plenty of opportunites for both constructed and limited use, which is refreshing after having to think about all the limited-only cards we've been looking at for the past tw"
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