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Article Name Author Date
The Comboist Manifesto Volume I, Article 18: Comprehensive Set Review of First & Second Edition, Part 8 Stephen Bahl June 26, 2014
   "don't you dare make jokes about Twiddling some guy's Bone Flute."
The Comboist Manifesto Volume I, Article 16: Intermission On Terrible Wings Stephen Bahl May 15, 2014
   "A -10,000/3 Lemure sacrificed to Call for Blood would give the targeted creature +10,000/+10,000. If it attacks and isn't blocked, that probably kills the opponent. Probably."
The Comboist Manifesto Volume I, Article 17: Comprehensive Retrospective Set Review of First & Second Edition, Part 7 Stephen Bahl May 8, 2014
   "But hypothetically, if a tree could punch me, I'd like to think that it could punch me pretty hard."
The Comboist Manifesto Volume I, Article 16: Comprehensive Retrospective Set Review of First & Second Edition Part 6 Stephen Bahl May 1, 2014
   "I've shown you some bad creatures, so now here's a good one."
The Comboist Manifesto Volume I, Article 15 Stephen Bahl April 24, 2014
   "it's time for another round of Adventures in Bad Oracle Texts!"
The Comboist Manifesto: A/B/U Retrospective Part 4 Stephen Bahl April 17, 2014
   "the ruling back in 1993 was that the card was just unplayable."
The Comboist Manifesto: A/B/U Retrospective Part 3 Stephen Bahl April 10, 2014
   "Word of Command was cut from the core set in Revised Edition for being, in the words of Richard Garfield, “buggier than a high school FORTRAN class.” "
The Comboist Manifesto: A/B/U Retrospective Part 2 Stephen Bahl April 3, 2014
   "Yes, I am reviewing basic lands."
The Comboist Manifesto: A/B/U Retrospective Stephen Bahl March 27, 2014
   "It might seem pointless to review cards from 1993, but I think I've actually managed to find interesting things to say about most of these..."
The Road to Tourneyland Mark Ortego March 23, 2014
   "fortunately Dave played a turn three Syphon Soul and a single Unmake on a small creature and so HE was the target….sweet. "
The Comboist Manifesto: The Storm Count Stephen Bahl March 6, 2014
   "what's going on here is that I'm blatantly ripping off Eric Turgeon's “20-Point Fireball.”"
The Comboist Manifesto: Ad Nauseam Stephen Bahl February 27, 2014
   "This sort of healthy balance for a card is unusual..."
The Comboist Manifesto: Heroes vs. Monsters Stephen Bahl February 20, 2014
   "I've been so intently focused on tier one Legacy competitive decks that I've lost touch with the more varied casual cheesy combos that I grew up with, and it turns out that Duel Decks are loaded with "
The Comboist Manifesto: Oops, All Spells! Stephen Bahl February 18, 2014
   " has the most comfortable mulliganing I've ever seen. Yes, really."
The Comboist Manifesto: Born of the Gods Stephen Bahl February 10, 2014
   "I'm hoping the next block takes a dicier approach"
The Comboist Manifesto: A, B, C Stephen Bahl January 30, 2014
   "I hate it so much that I hunt down the perpetrators and put them in armbars until they promise to never, ever do it again... "
The Comboist Manifesto: Combo Breakfast Stephen Bahl January 27, 2014
   "The Comboist Manifesto is supposed to be fun, dammit."
The Comboist Manifesto: Deckbuilding Elements Stephen Bahl January 16, 2014
   "at least you got to see some old, mostly unusable decklists"
The Comboist Manifesto: Explanation Stephen Bahl January 6, 2014
   "it all started when I discovered that I could use Enduring Renewal, Ornithopter, and Fallen Angel for an infinite loop of pumping up Fallen Angel."
The Comboist Manifesto: Introduction Stephen Bahl January 1, 2014
   ""combo contests with fabulous prizes...""
Type Fun's Enchantress Bloom Stephen O. Bahl October 5, 2009
   "I can already hear you saying, "Wait, Pernicious Deed is an enchantment and it only costs 3....""
Type Fun's Two Scrubby Decks Stephen O. Bahl October 1, 2009
   "I have what I estimate to be over 7,000 cards sitting in stacks on my desk right now waiting for me to organize them"
Type Fun's Taiga Belcher Stephen O. Bahl September 28, 2009
   "Goblin Charbelcher is a very versatile card."
Type Fun's Necropotence Stephen O. Bahl September 24, 2009
   "Mostly, this is because I would build a better deck now."
Type Fun's Running the Gauntlet Stephen O. Bahl September 21, 2009
   "I don't have any friends."
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