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Articles: Weekly Articles
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Article Name Author Date
Ferret's Retro Corner #2: Alpha/Beta/Unl Blue David McKenzie February 17, 2005
Ferret's Retro Corner #1: Alpha/Beta/Unl Black David McKenzie February 15, 2005
   "Cards were printed without any thought of the impact they would have on the game."
The Road to Tourneyland: Sunnyside of the Street Mark Ortego February 3, 2005
   "Maybe I've been in Tourneyland all this time and have never realized it."
The Weekly Shuffle: 12/13/04 - 12/17/04 John Keard December 24, 2004
   "It's to the point that you need a weekly newsfeed of the past week's top stories just to get a sense of what is really going on. Allow me to be that news courier."
The Road to Tourneyland: November Rogue League Mark Ortego November 29, 2004
   "I'm THAT annoying guy?"
The Road to Tourneyland: Champions of Ivan-Gawa Mark Ortego September 21, 2004
Theme Week: Pursuit of Knowledge Stephen O. Bahl September 18, 2004
   "Draw seven cards. SEVEN cards. That is a powerful effect."
Casual Magic Helps Me Reach Nirvana Matthew Weber September 10, 2004
   "by casual Magic, I am able to maintain positive karma"
Robert Hilliard September 7, 2004
Not THAT deck again... Stephen O. Bahl September 7, 2004
Volrath's. Shapeshifter. Rocks. Kevin R. Brown September 2, 2004
   " I discard a Phyrexian Dreadnought into the graveyard. At the time, nobody (including myself) realized the implications of what had just happened."
The Road to Tourneyland:The Downfall of Paris Mark Ortego August 31, 2004
   "Death by Skizzik/Blastoderm/Horned Kavu/Elephant token!"
Vintage at it's finest Mike Solymossy July 29, 2004
   "not to mention they will be allowing 10 proxies"
The Road to Tourneyland: The Rogue League Mark Ortego July 22, 2004
   "Do you build decks to lose?"
Participate NOW!--Introducing Mythosx John Fu July 21, 2004
   "The very first thing I remember vividly was the smell."
Participating NOW!-- Introducing The Orgg Jensen Bohren July 19, 2004
   " saw the Fallen Empires card known as 'Orgg' and identified with it. It was large. It looked heavy. And it, like me, didn't like to fight."
The Road to Tourneyland: Destination "HELL" Mark Ortego June 29, 2004
   "I'm 42 years old and live in my mother's basement"
Raksha Golden Scrub for the Contest Robert Pittman May 18, 2004
   "Giving all your Cats +2+2 and Double Strike seems like a purr-ful idea"
"Scrubs Corner": Venting 101 Shawn J. Houtsinger May 7, 2004
   "Someone wants to pay YOU to write?"
The Road to Tourneyland: Draft Night! Mark Ortego April 19, 2004
   "I have a cheesy little combo in the way of Chittering Rats and Crystal Shard."
Mono-Blue Stompy wins Grand Prix Wickenburg Andrew Emmott April 13, 2004
   "That all changed when Spire Golem was printed."
The Orgg's Treatese on: MOL Mentorship Jensen Bohren March 12, 2004
   "While I cannot help those players who are in Wisconsin, Maine, and Siberia..."
"Scrubs Corner": Marty Amacher's JSS Report-1st! Shawn J. Houtsinger February 26, 2004
   "Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you: Houts eating his words."
"Scrubs Corner": I am only good as those around me Shawn J. Houtsinger February 18, 2004
   "Even Kai Budde himself surely had friends that would point out his mistakes in MTG."
"Scrubs Corner": The story behind it all...yawn... Shawn J. Houtsinger February 9, 2004
   "I love all my peeps. Especially the sugar coated ones..."
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