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Articles: Other
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Article Name Author Date
Home-Made Set Aaron Swersky May 17, 2004
Sligh of the Times Aaron Swersky December 27, 2004
   "remember: There Is No Turn Five."
Planeshift Drafting Madness! Aaron Swersky February 19, 2001
   "He was at four life, I was at two. I had a Volcano Imp and two Phyrexian Bloodstocks in play, and he had a Silver Drake, Aurora Griffin, and a Flametongue Kavu. I draw a card and pause..."
Planeshift Power! Aaron Swersky February 7, 2001
   "Sorry, kids. I'm just not impressed by blue this time around."
Planeshift: Analysis of Blue Alex Makhovykh January 29, 2001
Planeshift Analysis: White Alex Makhovykh February 7, 2001
Planeshift: Analysis of Black Alex Makhovykh February 2, 2001
   "The new zombie lord is here! Not that I really hated the old one that much, but... finally, Zombies have a lord they can be proud of."
Making Cheap Casual Decks Alex Makhovykh November 27, 2000
   "Each and every single card can be replaced by another one Except basic lands"
Prophecy Prerelease: Thoughts and Comments Anden Imamura June 2, 2000
   "Seeker of Truth here, giving my Prophecy report..."
Apocalypse Spoiler Aric Ingle aka Spiderman May 16, 2001
   "As listed in the forums by [b]Lotus Mox[/b] to e-League for the full spoiler and Apprentice patch..."
The Steaming Scrivener: Steamrolling the City Arjan van Houwelingen October 6, 2005
Witches and choices Arjan van Houwelingen December 1, 2004
   "Death Match is a killing machine opponents can also utilize."
The Steaming Scrivener Goes Ghostbusting Arjan.van.houwelingen May 11, 2005
   "Liege of the Hollows... is probably best used in squirrel decks."
Sean Fletcher Rocked My Face B Strand May 15, 2008
   "When I asked Mark Rosewater if I could take him to lunch he laughed in my face"
The Color Wheel Benjamin Baxter June 4, 2004
   "Why aren't there hordes of Red regenerating flyers, Black double striking tramplers, or hasted White nightmares with fear?"
Lamb Chop Combo Platter Bill Brown April 12, 2006
   "So that is my combo platter... no egg rolls, but apparently a nice serving of Lamb"
Combo Decks and Why??? BJ Miller February 3, 2004
   "I always hear Planer Void just says scoop to the guy playing tog."
Mono Black Zombie bidding at states YAY BJ Miller November 10, 2003
   "I'm honored to lose to him [Silvos]"
Bruno Stella June 30, 2008
   "Mental resilience is the key."
They all Look the Same Bruno Stella January 13, 2004
   "Whether they are tall, short, fat or thin, they all have that smirk on their faces"
Theives never prosper Cantata March 14, 2001
   "A large collection of cards was taken and 7Towers is hoping for everyone to pull together and help them catch the culprits."
Full Torment Spoiler Chedy January 22, 2002
limited card check Christopher Ehrlich August 29, 2002
   "Since lots of people have failed looking at which Judgement cards to play in limited, I will try to do so here."
Trading Basics for the Casual Magic Player Dan Luchesa May 14, 2003
   "I would like to give a shout out to Mark Ortego"
Casual Power Curve David Zadok Stroud January 9, 2000
   "Am I still casual? And what is a casual player?"
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