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Articles: Other
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Article Name Author Date
ANSWERS to What Would Richie Do? Oscar Tan aka Rakso February 23, 2001
   "Don't read this if you don't want the answers given to you!"
Planeshift Drafting Madness! Aaron Swersky February 19, 2001
   "He was at four life, I was at two. I had a Volcano Imp and two Phyrexian Bloodstocks in play, and he had a Silver Drake, Aurora Griffin, and a Flametongue Kavu. I draw a card and pause..."
What Would Richie Do? Single Card Puzzles Oscar Tan aka Rakso February 12, 2001
Planeshift Power! Aaron Swersky February 7, 2001
   "Sorry, kids. I'm just not impressed by blue this time around."
Planeshift Analysis: White Alex Makhovykh February 7, 2001
Planeshift: Analysis of Black Alex Makhovykh February 2, 2001
   "The new zombie lord is here! Not that I really hated the old one that much, but... finally, Zombies have a lord they can be proud of."
Picks For Planeshift David Zadok Stroud January 29, 2001
   "The best cards from Planeshift, in the experience of a single uneducated scrub without any credentials."
Planeshift: Analysis of Blue Alex Makhovykh January 29, 2001
X-Mas Shopping for Gamers Mark "Ransac" Wanich November 30, 2000
   "X-Mas shopping is back"
Making Cheap Casual Decks Alex Makhovykh November 27, 2000
   "Each and every single card can be replaced by another one Except basic lands"
Magic and Financial Issues for the Casual Player John Dong November 20, 2000
   "buying a pack of Magic cards is an act that entails economic cunning, favors, and lots of begging."
More 'walker poetry Matt Hartig November 10, 2000
   "Guess I'll show off my talent"
"Scrubs Corner": Wisconsin States Shawn J. Houtsinger November 10, 2000
   "I make Top 8 for the second time!"
Hack's Eye View: Smells like Team Spirit Steven Vesci November 5, 2000
   "I realize one thing that is missing from my Magic experience. A team."
Decisions: To play or not to play... John "Ristik" du Bois October 26, 2000
   "I decided to break down the reasons I played Magic"
Revisiting the Wakefield Six Peter Nied October 15, 2000
   "You take a basic, six-sided dice, and for every mistake you make, you count down from 6."
Iron Sulfite David Zadok Stroud October 15, 2000
   "Invasion: Gold!"
Of Teachers, Teaching, and Magical Fun David Zadok Stroud October 7, 2000
Quest for CPA buttons The CPA October 7, 2000
   "Important CPA information. please read"
Judgement Errors David Zadok Stroud September 23, 2000
   "The number of mistakes an average player makes during a single game is quite unexpected."
Player Designed MTG Set! Hans Watson September 14, 2000
   "We will be accepting new card idea submissions for the next several weeks..."
The Spark David Zadok Stroud September 14, 2000
The Orgg's Treatese on: The Rosewater Interview Jensen Bohren August 31, 2000
   "About a month and a half ago, I e-mailed esteemed Magic persona Mark Rosewater"
Casual Power Curve, Part 2 David Zadok Stroud July 30, 2000
The Orgg's Treatese on: The Adkinson Interview Jensen Bohren July 10, 2000
   "A few weeks ago I e-mailed the CEO and Janitor of WOTC, Mr. Peter Adkinson..."
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