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Article Name Author Date
The Counter-Column: Making it Up a Notch Eric Turgeon March 15, 2014
   "what better way to stop a barrage of crazy combo columns than with a well-timed counter-column?"
I Am Rabid Wombat (And So Can You!) Stephen Bahl April 18, 2012
   "Rabid Wombat was printed in both Chronicles and Fifth Edition. Statistically speaking, you're using one as a coaster right now. "
The Road to Tourneyland: Feb 2011 Mark Ortego February 16, 2011
   "My arch-nemesis had moved away to Florida so no more “politicking” against me, the players are now left up to their own devices and that has allowed me to,….well,….um,…..flourish?"
A Dominian Reflection on USA Politics Robert Hilliard March 5, 2010
   "So all health care should just make people sicker."
Ransac's Journal: Second Ultimate Draft Pt. 3 Mark "Ransac" Wanich January 20, 2009
   "[Spidey]'s always wanted to be just like me and felt that the draft was the best way to show his fanboy-ness"
Second Singleton Draft Analysis, part II Peter Florijn August 11, 2008
   "Erratic Portal, chosen by BigBlue, was the first card I actually had to look up"
Second Singleton Draft Analysis, part I Peter Florijn July 14, 2008
   "The first real surprise came from BPC with his choice for Yawgmoth's Will"
Bruno Stella June 30, 2008
   "Mental resilience is the key."
Sean Fletcher Rocked My Face B Strand May 15, 2008
   "When I asked Mark Rosewater if I could take him to lunch he laughed in my face"
Singleton Draft Analysis Peter Florijn April 24, 2008
   "Tempo is very important"
Five Simple Ways to Obtain a Black Lotus Eric Turgeon March 26, 2008
   "What good is that? The only thing I could think of is that you could possibly get a Seasinger out on your first turn"
Confusion in The Ranks Mike Claerhout October 22, 2007
   "Yes, Copper-Leaf Angel. What are you looking at??"
Second Look (wherein Oversoul copies Ransac) Stephen O. Bahl April 25, 2007
   "Ransac is a bad man"
First Look at the CPA Ultimate Singleton Draft Mark "Ransac" Wanich April 17, 2007
   "This includes the very first creature drafted: Morphling."
The Road to Tourneyland: August's MML Report Mark Ortego August 17, 2006
Coldsnap Draft: Snappy titles are hard to think up Kevin Callahan July 27, 2006
   "Red just isn't that exciting on the common level in coldsnap."
Broken Myths Jensen Bohren April 20, 2006
   "Since I'm going to have about six or eight enchantments in my graveyard at a time, why not use Cantivore?"
Lamb Chop Combo Platter Bill Brown April 12, 2006
   "So that is my combo platter... no egg rolls, but apparently a nice serving of Lamb"
Obscure Combo, Can I Get a Witness? Rudmer Menger April 12, 2006
   "How the hell does a creature without any arms shoot a bow?"
Say Uncle-Istvan! Evan DeBack April 11, 2006
   "Believe me, you con-du-it!"
The Winning Combination: Last Call Eric Turgeon April 3, 2006
   " you may be able to claim youself as the inventor of the greatest Magic combo in the world!"
The Road to Tourneyland: This I Believe Mark Ortego March 23, 2006
   "know the current State-Based Effects rules, the totally ins and outs of the phases and steps in a turn and how to play spells and abilities."
The Winning Combination Eric Turgeon March 2, 2006
True Casual: Dealing with What You've Got Mark Schlosser December 29, 2005
   "Most of my Magic experiences have been born in the dining room with my brother Ken where we match wits over a table arrayed with various cardboard treacheries"
The Steaming Scrivener: Steamrolling the City Arjan van Houwelingen October 6, 2005
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