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Article Name Author Date
A Tournament Day With The CPA Mark "Ransac: Wanich January 8, 2001
   "I won a game that started with me playing a dwarven pony on the first turn!"
Cheezy Corner#1 To break a Wirecat Andrew "Bob" Woehrel January 8, 2001
   "I've been thinking for a while how to break this guy..."
The Best Card In Invasion James Strawson December 25, 2000
   "This deck was hilarious to play with!"
Breaking the mold Keith Ouellette December 24, 2000
   "This deck is Reactive Control and the idea is to be very patient, make your plays carefully and make the most of your cards"
Top 10 Multiplayer Cards in Invasion Alex Makhovykh December 12, 2000
   ""I'm here with the top 10 multiplayer cards in Invasion.""
Return of Rath Mark "Ransac" Wanich December 12, 2000
   ""What can I say? 7th edition is coming.""
Become a Type II innovator! Aaron "Istanbul" Swersky November 22, 2000
   "...take into account the current environment, adapt, and dominate."
Naked Singularity Adam Saltz November 14, 2000
   "The first thing I thought was "multiplayer"."
Black Control Mike Golschneider November 5, 2000
   "Here's my casual deck i use in a local card shop..."
Newbie's Nightmare Alex Major August 30, 2000
   "Want to get your kicks by giving newbies nightmares?"
My casual decks for the interested Martti Nurmikari August 24, 2000
   "15 of them, sorry if this is a bit long (!!)"
Fare Thee Well David Zadok Stroud August 24, 2000
Counter, sweet sweet Counter Andrew Buskell August 24, 2000
   "Before Urza's block rotates out sometime in the fall, we have time to build an awesome counter deck."
The Forbidden Apple PTQ Report Mark Ortego August 14, 2000
   "Event: PTQ Chicago"
Rarity in magic Ty Thomason August 5, 2000
   "So I have decided to come up with a way to tell if a card should be rare, uncommon, or common"
"Casual deck better than net deck" shocker! Luke Twigger August 2, 2000
   "That was the valuable lesson I learned"
Contest Winners Announced!! Kirsin Koch August 2, 2000
   "I finally got off my duff and sat down with all the deck entries"
The Revival of Burn Ademis22 July 30, 2000
   "With all of the new expansions one has to be thinking, what happened to that old fashioned burn deck"
Some More Prophecy Alex Makhovykh July 27, 2000
And the winner is ... Albert Sadoine July 19, 2000
   "Friday night Magic tourmanents are a great thing."
Contest Entry: Thunderdome Mike Marino June 27, 2000
   ""I just ask you to be gentle, this deck is my sweet baby""
Contest Entries: My decks (original title huh?) manchot_13 June 24, 2000
   ""This deck is based around Bloodshot Cyclops, Chuck to his friends"."
7th Edition and Random Thoughts Bob Pittman June 17, 2000
   "With that being said, I'd like to introduce 'Random Thoughts.'"
Contest entry - Troublesome Spirit Eric Chima June 15, 2000
   "Most of the deck works well with the Spirits."
Contest Entry - Ankh of Mishra Shawn J. Houtsinger June 15, 2000
   "It's fun to play and viable in t2...."
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