Warhammer Quest: The Sylvan Epic


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New year. New dungeon! Let's do this...

Working together with your weapons/tools, you are able to laboriously clear the debris from the the mouth of a tunnel. Ty's new backup sword is borken, but it gets the job done. Scrambling through rough tunnels, you lose track of whether you've moved closer to the Heart of Welhallas or further from it. You ascend a narrow staircase that gradually changes as it climbs. Toward the base, the steps are jagged and haphazard. Higher up, the steps become more regular, like worked stone. As you near the top, you find that the stone no longer appears to have a worked finish. It's as if deep, unweathered stones were grown and shaped by some force, arranged in a mockery of some humanoid-like construction. Superficially, it's just a narrow staircase that climbs up toward a slightly-wider corridor. But the details are all wrong. Dorgath seems disturbed at these details, and you notice that he's not really looking at what could properly be called masonry, nor at any kind of naturally occurring patterns. It all looks stuck halfway between natural and artificial, unlike anything you've ever seen before...

-Throg's Axe resets.
-Throg's Chalice of Night resets (5 charges).
-Throg's Warp Magic resets (Iron Skin).
-Dorgath's Great Axe resets.
-Dorgath's Cloak resets.
-Dorgath's Lucky Talisman resets.
-Dorgath's Axe of Slaying resets.
-Dorgath's "Endure" skill resets.
-Dorgath's "Norscan Grease Escape" resets.
-Carrow's Ring of Invisibility resets.
-Carrow's Horn of Shielding resets.
-Carrow's Cloak of Concealment resets.
-Ty's Lifestealer Talisman resets.
-Ty's Cloak of Deception resets.
-Ty's "Duck and Dodge" skill resets.
-Ty's "Whirlwind" skill resets.
-Tomas's Skull Staff resets.
-Tomas's Bone Blade resets.
-Tomas's Power Store resets.

I think that's all of them? I'd better go back and check later.

Also, I just spontaneously decided that everyone needs to cross off a ration before starting this next dungeon. As a party, you guys are pretty much stocked up, so this isn't an issue. But I notice that Kelgar's provisions are fully depleted, probably because Melkor has been absent so frequently and I didn't have his character purchase provisions on his behalf. However, Kelgar does have a lot of gold, so if anyone wants to sell a provision to him, now would be the time...


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Ty will be happy to share some waybread with Kelgar, and he don't even gotta pay for it...lol. I have a question though: Isn't Ty using a morning star of some kind? I'm pretty sure you mentioned it disabling an enemy weapon in battle, but I don't see it on the character sheet... :unsure:


The Tentacled One
I have a question though: Isn't Ty using a morning star of some kind? I'm pretty sure you mentioned it disabling an enemy weapon in battle, but I don't see it on the character sheet... :unsure:
You are correct. And I might as well explain why that's what you're seeing, since maybe you or someone else might have some useful insight here...

The regular Warhammer Quest character sheets that come in the box set are not very good. They're adequate for starting out, but they don't have much room for describing items, skills, and such. They probably start to get a bit overloaded around the time characters are Level 2 (you guys are Level 3 and have done enough that you could probably be Level 5 or so, if you'd chosen to rush into leveling the party up when possible). So instead of using the template on the default sheets, I chose from the start to record everyone's character sheet information using that most immortal of formats: the Notepad .txt file. Every character's stats, items, and other details were recorded, line by line, in a single text document. I copied and pasted the individual information into forum posts in the Warhammer Quest main thread, but as you can see, I'm not very good about updating those posts.

I had another backup, which was simply a Google doc with the same text as the Notepad doc. In 2018, because I wanted to be able to access the character sheets from more than just one computer, I switched to using the Google doc as the primary version. With all the line breaks and everything, the document now runs over 30 pages. It works, but it is a bit tedious and obviously I haven't done a good job of regularly updating the versions of the character sheets in the forum posts, which are the ones you guys can actually see for yourselves. So I want to clean these sheets up in some format that looks better and set it up so that the players can access up-to-date character sheets for themselves. I've been planning to do this for a while, but I've been putting it off for too long.

In the meantime, I'll paste in updated versions of the character sheets to the main thread sometime today...


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I recommend using Google sheets.
Each character could have their own tab with all listed attributes, inventory and skills.
Let me know if you're interested and I could even get it started by setting up a template.