Fantasy Football 2022


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I never had any WRs, I *think* I may have some RBs now but it may be a little too late...

I'm waiting too, Ransac has been suspiciously quiet....


CPA Trash Man
Definitely quiet this season. Been a hard year so far. Dad passed away early this year, moved cross country in the spring, changed positions at my company, and just helped Mom move out of her house this past week.

And yet, Spidey, I have a chance to steal your playoff spot from you...

Ransac, cpa trash man


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Aw man, I'm sorry too.

Yeah, my team just sucks this year, no staying power. There's the always "what ifs", but if I won last week against the last place team :rolleyes: ,I would have been secure. But my Points For are worse than the other current 6-8's so when I lose tonight :rolleyes:, I'll fall into the consolation bracket (and of course the other "what if" is I left Brady and Murray and Geno (K) on the bench, any of which probably could have provided me the margin to win this week)


Isengar Tussle
"Finally, the Mooseman has come back to, the winners circle"
16 Years in the making.
Thanks everyone.
The Takklemaggots put up a great fight and the Library of Cheatum :) dogged me the entire year.