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  1. Ferret

    Magic Memories: Underworld Dreams

    Don't forget Peer Into the Abyss. It seems to be all the rage on Arena these days...
  2. Ferret

    Kamala Harris

    True. Of course, considering who she's up against, she could have come out, shot the moderator, and lit the stage on fire - and still won...
  3. Ferret

    WotC now banning "racist" cards

    Hmmm...does this mean we'll never see a reprint of Karma or CoP: Black?
  4. Ferret


    Down here in Florida, we're considered the epicenter of the pandemic in North America (probably due to all of the tourists), but despite the incompetence of our elected officials, we're doing okay...
  5. Ferret

    Kamala Harris

    So, I've been reading a lot about Biden's running mate, Kamala Harris on a lot of sites, and it's hilarious. Now, we know that Biden could nominate his pet rock and still get elected at this point, but he's taking a risk by nominating a woman that happens to be African American - well, actually...
  6. Ferret

    WotC now banning "racist" cards

    Reading's hard. Don't want to do that. Seriously, I understand what you mean. My wife and I got rid of cable years ago and just use a couple of streaming services for our entertainment purposes. It seems that everyone has gotten back to being afraid of offending a small portion of the...
  7. Ferret

    WotC now banning "racist" cards

    I'm suddenly reminded of the release of Fourth Edition when cards like Demonic Tutor and Demonic Attorney were taken out of print along with Earthbind and the art of Unholy Strength were removed because they were all too "provocative"...
  8. Ferret

    Origin of your username

    Always liked ferrets. Been posting in one form or another dating back to '91 when I was perusing old dialup BBS's at 2400 baud...
  9. Ferret

    June 1, 2020 B&R Announcement

    Wow! Two cards that I absolutely despise are finally banned? Nice! It's almost enough to make me want to play again...almost.
  10. Ferret

    Magic Memories: Lim-Dûl's Paladin

    It's not a bad card - just really really squishy. Back then all it took was a Lightning Bolt to make it go away...
  11. Ferret


    Pretty well, thanks. Of course, my wife and I rarely left the house in the first place, so we've been preparing for this our whole lives :)
  12. Ferret

    Admin accounts gone?

    Both actually - if it's not too much trouble :)
  13. Ferret

    Admin accounts gone?

    Question: Even though, I really don't do much "adminning" here, will I at least get my Founder status reinstate?