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Ferret's latest activity

  • Ferret
    Ferret replied to the thread Magic Memories: Underworld Dreams.
    Don't forget Peer Into the Abyss. It seems to be all the rage on Arena these days...
  • Ferret
    Ferret replied to the thread Kamala Harris.
    True. Of course, considering who she's up against, she could have come out, shot the moderator, and lit the stage on fire - and still won...
  • Ferret
    Ferret reacted to Oversoul's post in the thread October 12, 2020 B&R Announcement with Like Like.
    We've now had 838 consecutive weeks of Earthcraft being unnecessarily banned in Legacy.
  • Ferret
    Ferret replied to the thread WotC now banning "racist" cards.
    Hmmm...does this mean we'll never see a reprint of Karma or CoP: Black?
  • Ferret
    Ferret replied to the thread Coronavirus.
    Down here in Florida, we're considered the epicenter of the pandemic in North America (probably due to all of the tourists), but despite...
  • Ferret
    Ferret posted the thread Kamala Harris in Current Events.
    So, I've been reading a lot about Biden's running mate, Kamala Harris on a lot of sites, and it's hilarious. Now, we know that Biden...