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Broken Myths
By Jensen Bohren
(Note from the Orgg that I have included because it amuses me:
The following is written about a deck that is quite old, but fits your contest guidelines to almost a T. Why it doesn't follow it completely is that I feel describing a combo that cannot be put into a deck and reasonably executed with that deck and some time playing is a combo that shouldn't be said to be "magic," only a "possibility." If you don't understand my reasoning... well, I don't know how else to explain it, so I probably just lost the contest.
I hope you enjoy the following. It may be under the one thousand word guideline, but I'm attempting to quit being as verbose as I usually am in writing. To force me to insert more unnecessarily accessible adjectives would be cruel, unfeeling, and heartless. If you do wish the article fleshed out, send it back, and I will invigorate the taught text with inundations of interesting and intense lingual practicals. I don't think you'll care, though. If anyone notices the article being too short, tell them you edited out three hundred adjectives. That'll shut 'em up.

Now that I sit down and attempt to make a deck that has everything in it working as though it was a gigantic clock, or a warped, twisted, and interconnected Rube Goldberg device, I realize that it's very difficult to do this feat TWICE. Several years ago, when Magic Online was still in its first Beta Testing stages, Anthony Alongi did little contests called "Break This Card," and actually gave away PRIZES to those who did just as he asked. And once upon a time, he challenged everyone to break Nomad Mythmaker.

I was one of the top three people to do this, and with a deck that has never won a single game in my hands, though its come quite close in the past.

I had to start with four Nomad Mythmakers. Easy enough, that was. And since he has to get things out of the graveyard, I need something else to fill it up. From the same set was a little diddy called "Morality Shift" that fit the bill, and was given a mention as the alternate 'break this card' kid in the same article... so I put in a couple of them because they fit the theme. I then had to have a good win condition, and this little thing called Solitary Confinement also popped up in the "new" set Judgment. How convenient! Keep in mind that Confinement was considered a 'junky rare' at the time, as nobody had really started thinking about it and Squee in a deck, mainly because Extended season was quite a time away, and Squee wasn't in standard at all when Solitary Confinement came into the picture. I didn't, either, but that's because I wanted my deck to be available for Block Constructed. Why? Narrowing your card pool was one thing that impressed Mister Alongi, or so I perceived. So we now had four Nomads, and four total of Other Junk Rares From The New Set.

Or at least, so everyone perceived them to be.

Now I needed to put this hour hand, minute hand, and second hand connecting with some gears. Well, first we need some search, as this is a slow deck-- Morality Shift costs SEVEN mana! One thing to do with your first few turns is to find a few of the pieces that you want. Insidious Dreams and Diabolic Tutor in some amount equaling six worked out well for the deck I was building. However, I still didn't know what to do if I resolved a Shift without a Nomad in hand... but Morgue Theft did. Morgue Theft also allowed me to 'tutor' for any creature in my graveyard, while the Nomad allowed me to tutor any creature enchantment out. Well, what if I want a noncreature enchantment back? Auramancer looks cute enough, and is so nice I'll add four to the deck. Shade's Form also looks cute on Auramancer, and lets me put itself back on the Auramancer when it comes back with a quick flick of the white mana through the Mythmaker. My, my! That lets me get back a Solitary Confinement I forgot to discard to! Now if I could only repeatedly sacrifice or kill my Auramancer time after time in Oddy Block... oh. Wayward Angel will probably be fairly demonic at this time, better than an Animal Boneyard. Odd how I chose to use an odd number of Angels and an even number of Animal Boneyards. What about a way to kill both my Auramancer if needed, and an opponent's creature if I want? Traveling Plague works quite well there, I'd say! I can even tutor it up with an extra Nomad I have laying around in play!

Now I just need a way to win! Since I'm going to have about six or eight enchantments in my graveyard at a time, why not use Cantivore? (Why not? He SUCKS! This was probably my biggest mistake, though I do believe that it seemed to work quite well with the deck enough to impress Anthony Alongi, as it was another "crap" rare. Why I put the ""'s around "crap" referencing Cantivore, I do not know.). For a little utility, I round it off with a couple of Tattoo Wards for pesky enchantments that I just have to get rid of and a little bit of surprise combat trickery with an excess Nomad Mythmaker.

At the time, Lands in the block didn't exactly help too much, so I just left the deck dangling with a "25 land" sticker. I'd probably play a bit more nowadays and drop the Cantivores. (Yes, that was an "S." I put TWO Cantivores into the deck. Why? I think Alongi might've mentioned it in the article, but I can't recall perfectly. It's crap, and probably could be another Traveling Plague and X, where X= something you like in the deck, but didn't get the full four-of treatment.)

And that, my Casual Playing Friends, is a winning casual combo deck, in the most true sense of the word.

Sic Semper,

Mythic Confinement
4 Auramancers
4 Nomad Mythmakers
2 Animal Boneyards
3 Shade's Form
2 Solitary Confinement
2 Morality Shift
4 Morgue Theft
4 Diabolic Tutor
2 Insidious Dreams
2 Cantivore
3 Traveling Plague
2 Tattoo Ward
1 Wayward Angel

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