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    well when i was playing zuberas at my local FNM (i was newb then but they may be good)I was told that say 2 zuberas go to the grave(assuming there the ember fist) 1 get the effect for itself(and only itself)cause creatures go to the grave in the oreder u choose now then i thought he was wrong but he talked me into it(cause hes older that was y i believed him)believing it his way.now recentlyi was in the magic the gathering forums and said that^ but he said the abilitys trigger and dont resolve till all are gone so that sounded right cause i learned more from back then and i just wanted to make sure whos right me now?
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    From the horse's mouth:

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    Cabal...#1 rule of Magic IMO (and I think most people here will support this) is that no deck idea is strictly bad. Some may have more potential than others in competative play and some may have larger weaknesses, but please don't defend yourself by saying you were a newb ;)...I've personally had decks that people have told me are utter trash, only to have very similar decks hitting top-8s all around the world months later...

    Most of the pros who actually build decks will tell you that 95% of what they build gets scrapped, but not until after a lot of effort and tweaking.

    And specifically, Youngbeard is correct. The number of Zuberas is determined when the ability resolves. At that point, they both get credit for each other.

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