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  1. DÛke Memento Mori

    Well, I submitted an article last night to this CPA. Well, Mr. Aaron (otherwise known as "Istanbul") has clearly "missed" my article, since he updated the articles, and yet, I see mine nowhere to be found.

    Of course, I could be jumping (flying - in my case) into conclusions; hey, I could have closed the submission window too early...there might be an error, he might have not "seen" it, but I'm kind of "positive" that I did submit that thing last night - unless I was dreaming, drunk, or thinking about Dawn. ;)

    I wouldn't have written it, but TheOrgg asked me to, and I think that it DOES have a lot of good advice and stuff in it. So...where ever the heck my arti is at, I hope it is actually IN THERE, warm, smiling, and having fun, since it was not posted, FOR some reason...
  2. DÛke Memento Mori

    ...I just saw Istanbul's "apologies" email. He said that my article is MUCH more suited for the forums. Now, I'm not trying to start a fight or anything, but TheORGG himself that THAT article IS GOOD, and if I revised it from its original and personal form, it could be a very nice thing to have on the FRONT PAGE. I WANT THAT article up there...it's better than some of the other stuff that is up there most of the time. AND YES, it is good for forums, and IT WAS on the forums, but like I said, TheOrgg told me to make it to an article, so I took the time, and made it INTO an article...

    Where IS my article?

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