Who Am I? Week 5 Answers and Results

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    This week's answer was: Toshiro Mifune

    Day 1 Clue: Even though I was quite possibly the most famous Japanese Actor in the world, I never learned how to speak English until 1966.

    After being in some of the biggest landmark films of all time, he finally learned English (albeit just some of his lines) for a movie called Grand Prix.

    Day 2 Clue: Director Steven Spielberg has always admired my work. Unfortunately, when he tried to help me out, it was a role in his worst movie to date.

    Some people questioned my opinion here, but 1941 is the *worst* movie Spielberg has done.

    Day 3 Clue: I am often imitated. Well, I should say my work gets remade a lot. Star Wars, Fistfull of Dollars, The Magnificent Seven, and Last Man Standing were all remakes of movies that I starred in.

    Star Wars - Hidden Fortress
    Fistfull of Dollars - Yojimbo
    The Magnificent Seven - Seven Samurai
    Last Man Standing - Yojimbo

    Day 4 Clue: I'm fairly certain that you have heard my name before somewhere. If you haven't, you obviously have never seen Speed Racer.

    Even though the English version of Speed Racer is named Speed M (I think), the Japanese version is Racer Mifune or something like that.

    Day 5 Clue: I Bombed Pearl Harbor between taking Seven different Samurai roles.

    I Bombed Pearl Harbor was one of his first English movies. Seven Samurai is his most famous. As a small double entendre here, he has been in at least seven different movies where he's played a Samurai.

    Ericbess - 21 (almost there)
    Chaos Turtle - 17
    Sammy Dead-O - 14
    Melkor - 5
    Spiderman - 0
    Apollo - 0
    Gerode - 0
    Turd Cutter - 0

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