Who Am I? Week 3 Answers and Results

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    In case you didn't figure it out, last week's answer was Sam Peckinpah.

    Day 1 Clue: Being a belligerent drunk, I once provoked Charleton Heston to threaten me with a Cavalry Saber.

    True Story. Sam was working on a film about soldiers in the West after the Civil War at the time. He was drunk and/or high the whole time, and was hard to work with.

    Day 2 Clue: I wrote the memorable line: "We all dream of being a child again, even the worst of us. Perhaps the worst most of all."

    An awesome line from The Wild Bunch which is Peckinpah's best movie, IMHO.

    Day 3 Clue: I wanted Warren Oates to bring me the head of Alfredo Garcia

    A reference to Sam's movie, Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia

    Day 4 Clue: Among the People who list me as one of their early influences: Quentin Tarantino, Christopher McQuarrie, Robert Rodriguez, and John Woo.

    Some of these have said this in print, and their films show it. The grittiness of Tarantino's films, the bullet ballet of Woo's films, and the aging criminals of McQuarries films were all influenced by Pechinpah's work.

    Day 5 Clue: Speaking of John Woo, he's going to do a Killer remake of one of my Elite movies.

    John Woo, director of movies such as Mission Impossible 2, has decided to do a remake of (IMHO) Sam's worst movie, Killer Elite.

    Here's the standings:

    Ericbess - 12
    Chaos Turtle - 9
    Sammy Dead-O - 6
    Melkor - 1
    Spiderman - 0
    Apollo - 0
    Gerode - 0
    Turd Cutter - 0

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